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Ex-USA Gymnastics coach John Geddert’s suicide was an ‘escape from justice’: former gymnast

Geddert, who had ties to Larry Nassar, was facing several charges, including human trafficking

My only regret is this bastard did not commit suicide before he abused of all those kids

I have always had some serious #reservations and #suspicions about the #integrity/motives of some of the coaches and trainers involved in the #Olympics and other sporting activities were young kids are involved. There is too-much-touchy-feely for my liking. As we can see by some of the most recent molestation cases, my suspicions have been right on the money.

These #degenerate-bastards #purposely get involved with these groups like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts – counselors at the YMCA and YWCA – Olympics and any other organization where they have easy access to very #impressionable/trusting kids. They perceive these venues as a #gigantic-human-buffet.

The above mentioned organizations used to be the #backbone of the country where a parent sent their kids off to camp, or engage in a sporting activity and had nothing to worry about. Not any more. Society has become so #twisted, parents have to wait in front of the house with their kids to get on and off the school bus, making sure no one #abducts them. How sick is that??

Segway into:

All of the conditions the country is experiencing in the way #misconduct; at some point are all #interwoven. They all jell together. Lack of #discipline, lack of #education (the foundation of any society), lack of good parenting and #supervision; somewhere down the line they all spell trouble. They lead to drug use – alcohol abuse – promiscuity – hanging out with the wrong crowd and a host of other #predicaments kids get into because no one is #minding-the-store.

With the breakdown of the #family-values/unity, that is when and where all of the problems start. Without a solid family foundation, a good father and mother, there lies the root/beginning of the problems. Kids need the old fashion two parent household where the old man goes to work and brings home the bread and butter, while the mom stays home and keep the castle under control. That is the way it was when I was brought up and we did not have 10% of the problems we have today.

I know; conditions these days are vastly different than yesteryear. I can not say they are for the better. Because of the economy; both parents having to work to #KEEP-UP-WITH-THE-JONES, but in most cases is not necessary. Take a look around you, be honest in answering the question. Are yo happy with the way the world is turning in the so-called modern times? If so, you need some serious help.

I may have an advantage because I have lived in both worlds and witnessed the changes first hand.

If more people would live with-in their means, it may not be necessary for both parents to work. I guess if your #income/flash is more important than the raising of the kids, don’t complain about the outcome.

Some of the very unfortunate kids in this country never knew their father and their mother is a drug addict, maybe a hooker and unable to care for them properly. In order for anyone to grow up and develop into a solid citizen they must have positive role models they can emulate. What the hell can we expect from a kid that was brought up in that type dysfunctional environment, how should we expect them to develop.

If anyone wants to minimize the importance of a women’s role at home, they are sorely mistaken. In my opinion, if the women is a good wife and mother, her job is 10 time more challenging than the old mans.

Will we ever go back to the old ways that made this Country Strong? I really doubt it. We are too far down The dirty Road filled with degenerates, bad habits, keeping up with the neighbor, that turned the country into a garbage dump.

When we evaluate the condition of the country; we have to look past all the main streets that the crooked politicians keep sparkling clean just in case they get a visitor. Look at the back allies and side streets if you want the true picture.

Camden, New Jersey: Images of once-thriving metropolis reduced to decaying,  crime-ridden rubble | Daily Mail Online
Streets full of tents: The other side of L.A. - CNN Video

There are millions of areas in the USA that look this way. Scenes like this are an example of our leaders allowing the USA to decay from within. Lack of attention and permissiveness has had the same damaging effect on our moral decline. The fault lies directly on the worthless politicians that govern the country and when the #day-of-reckoning comes along, they are nowhere to be found.

What should the the justice department do with #scumbags like John Geddert; make an example of them. Geddert saw the handwriting on the wall and took the easy way out by #killing-himself because he was a #coward.

These issues all intertwine because the lack of education and discipline. If this country did not allow their politicians to rule with impunity; we may not have the situation that is taking place in NY State, with the fair haired Cuomo. I am convinced, it is all one enormous crooked society we live in; where the rich get richer and the poor perish.

Folks; be an individual, be a leader not a sheep jumping off the cliff because they don’t have a mind of their own, break away for the #wanna-bees. Do what is right for you kids. When you bring them into this world, you have taken on a responsibility to raise the properly. If you can achieve that; you may allow many of them to be more vigilant and avoid bastards like Geddert.

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