J J the wrecking ball ……

Biden on Day 1 scrapped Trump rule that helped US save $160 billion: report

Trump’s actions saved the country $155 billion to $165 billion between 2017 and 2021, the American Action Forum


This guy is not going to stop until he #financially #destroys this country; not because of he is making #poor-decision-making (although that is part of it) BUTT to get back at Trump.

I have to believe that behind the scenes, #TMC is still leading J J around by the nose.

Led With A Nose Ring High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

The #worms/media broke Trump’s ball for 4 years plus (still are). Anything he did or said they #criticized regardless how #beneficial it was the the USA. Now after he left office; J J, lead by TMC and his #socialist-crew are #dismantling everything Trump initiated just because of their hatred for the man.

When history is read fairly, we will see that PDT was one one of the most prolific presidents of all times. Regardless what his motivations were, the fact is, he still was 110% for the people of this country and not out for revenge.

Trump absolutely believed that charity begins at home and America came 1st. That is just the opposite of the new administrations mentality. They are on a mission to take care of illegals and people across the pond when our own peole are starving. Makes a lot of sense.

Biden’s Keystone XL pipeline order costs hundreds more oil …


Feb 11, 2021 · Workers at pipe manufacturer Berg Pipe are facing job losses following President Biden’s decision to rescind the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. One hundred six workers are facing layoffs:

Costing the people that voted him into office 11,0000 jobs plus and he is only beginning. That is only the tip if the ice pick. Hw many of them would vote for him now??

Not only has J J (Jokin Joe) made some #horrible decisions since being in office, he has a history of blunders going back 50 plus years. Astoundingly, he was THE BEST the #dumb-a-crats could come up with. Unbelievable!!

Early Failure: Joe Biden’s Presidency Is Off to an Utterly Disastrous Start (westernjournal.com)

Joe Biden’s 12 worst gaffes of all time (nypost.com)

The guy is just a #deadbeat and #stumble-bum who has been #stealing a government paycheck for almost 50 years and no business sitting in The Big Chair.

One of the many issues J J and his crew tried to make was the alleged sexual #abuse Trump showed toward women. They never even came close to J J’s #escapades. None was ever proved. When we take a good look at where J J’s his roving hands were, there is overwhelming evidence that was never pursued. Talk about the #good-old-boys-club, #double-standards and #corruption!!

Image result for biden abuse of women
Image result for biden abuse of women
Image result for biden's attraction to hillaqry
There were a few of the ladies that did not seem to be bothered being mauled by J J’s roving hands. Here J J nearly has a hand full of CHC boobs. She seems to enjoy the attention. Where the hell was Wild Bill?? They must have an arrangement.

Critical decisions should be made by the nature of the benefit to the ALL citizens of this country and not because they have an ax to grind with someone.

meaning and origin of the phrase 'an axe to grind' | word histories

Unfortunately; this #merry-go-round of #destruction has just started to turn. It has only started a couple of months ago. Just think of the damage these fools can in four years.

I have to believe; based on some of the #ridiculous/costly decisions J J has made, there has to be million that regret putting their X in the wrong box.

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