What planet are these people from….

Buffalo schools teach that all White people play part in systemic racism


City Journal editor Chris Rufo joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss public schools placing indoctrination over education

Let us reverse this and say; according to white people all black people are the root of racism. How do we think a statement like that would go over in the black community?? The problem is; there are too many #Lilly-livered/cowardly #white-people that will not speak up to defend themselves and refute statements like this.

I have been asked many times if I am a racist. My answer is; I am as racist as the person I am dealing with. I don’t care what color a person skin is or what their #heritage is. As long as they #respect me, that is what they get in return.

I have more #resentment toward some white fools than I do some black. I know many stand-up black people that are more honorable and respectable people some whites. It boils down to, racism being a personal and individual issue.

The fact of the matter is; ALL people have to earn respect if they expect it in return.

As far as these so called places of learning go, to make statements and to brainwash kids as the do, it is reprehensible. Their mission s supposed to teach reading – writing and arithmetic, not attempt to twist their minds and to fill it with hateful trash. If anything; the schools should initiate special classes and be compelled to teach respect and decency if this country can ever make headway in the racial department.

Institutions like the Buffalo school system; whether these fools know it or not, they are being counterproductive rather than productive with their racist teachings.

Teach kids how to coexist in harmony, not to hate one another. If I was told everyday of my life that black people were the devil, what the hell would I grow up to believe. It is called #subliminal #brainwashing.

There are #idiots in the world that do not want racial harmony and they keep stirring the pot.

As long as we have institutions sell their snake oil to impressionable kids, we are all pissing up a rope.

piss up a rope

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