What do I have a #crystal-ball, or …….

Fauci’s mixed messages, #inconsistencies about #COVID-19 masks, #vaccines and #reopenings come under #scrutiny


Doctor under scrutiny after mixed messages on vaccines, reopenings
Ma Ma Mia – get out the oil and water

My post earlier today:


Possibly Fauci has #inhaled/sniffed too much #pasta-fagoli or #senility is setting in.

Excerpts from earlier post: It really surprise me and at the same time it doesn’t. These fools have yet to get a handle on how to control covid-19. It still is a gigantic guessing game. #Open-schools – #close-schools – #open-bars – #close-bars – safe distancing is 6 feet, safe distancing is 15 feet – the #germs-spores can travel 10 feet, the germ spores can travel 25 feet. WTF.

In my opinion; as long as the public continues to wear a mask – social distancing is applied – restaurant owners practice the sanitation guidelines by efferently disinfecting each table and chairs between guests – servers and cook wear masks; I don’t see the necessity of closing them down. These poor businesses are #STARVING and need to be reopened.

Whenever we take #common-sense out of the #equations and dig a little deeper than #face-value, we can really see what fools some people are. I think a big factor is, they want to stay #relevant. Once they are in the #spotlight, it becomes an #addiction.

It looks like PDT was not all wrong about the aged doctor.

Quit giving the guy so much ink and possibly we will hear less from him.

On top of it, Fauci was grossly over paid. I always wondered how it feels to make so much $oldi and hardly ever be right. Must be nice.

Dr. Anthony Fauci made $417,608 in 2019, the latest year for which federal salaries are available. That made him not only the highest paid doctor in the federal government, but the highest paid out of all four million federal employees.

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