#Scum-of-the-earth is not low enough …..

Travis Fulton, longtime MMA fighter and boxer, indicted on federal child porn charges

Fulton fought in UFC 20 and UFC 21

MMA veteran Travis Fulton indicted on child pornography charges - MMA  Fighting

Travis Fulton, a former boxer and mixed martial artist who briefly fought in the UFC, was indicted on federal child pornography charges by a grand jury in Iowa on Friday.

Fulton, 43, was charged with sexual exploitation of a child, child pornography possession and receipt of child pornography, ESPN reported, citing the indictment.

There are various degrees of vile people out there that should not be-able to breath the same air we do; child porn falls into the lowest of the low. There really are no words in the dictionary that can accurately describe how despicable these bastards are.

If these #allegations are true, which I am assuming they are; this #degenerate and #sons-a-bitches like him should have a #public-hanging-party and have it televised; or better yet, let the families of his victims exact their form of #justice, however they see fit.

What is more #precious and #innocent than a little kid?? To have them be #subjected to the #abuse and #torture of these #lizards is #unspeakable. No punishments can be #severe-enough.

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