Fauci is putting the hammer to all of the cinemas & eateries ……

Fauci cautions against dining out, even when vaccinated

Data is still out on how transmissible the virus is from someone who has been vaccinated


In my opinion; as long as the public continues to wear a mask – social distancing is applied – restaurant owners practice the sanitation guidelines by efferently disinfecting each table and chairs between guests – servers and cook wear masks; I don’t see the necessity of closing them down. These poor businesses are #STARVING and need to be reopened.

If there are establishments that do not abide by the rule; they should be closed permanently. This has to be a give and take proposition to kick the shit out of Mr. Corona. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

The movie industry is a little more complicated to control. There has to be adequate spacing between seats – ingress and egress areas have to be #constantly-sanitized – concession stands and seating areas have to be #policed for #sanitation-purposes – ushers have to make sure the rules are adhered to. By the way, start by cutting the cost of the popcorn.

I predicted long before Mr Corona came to town, the theater industry is going to blow away like tumbling tumbleweed. With the virus combine with all that is accessible on the TELE, why go to the theaters?? Pop corn a only 1.00$ a bag.

It really surprise me and at the same time it doesn’t. These fools have yet to get a handle on how to control covid-19. It still is a gigantic guessing game. #Open-schools – #close-schools – #open-bars – #close-bars – safe distancing is 6 feet, safe distancing is 15 feet – the #germs-spores can travel 10 feet, the germ spores can travel 25 feet. WTF.

These dudes that run the show are like an #inexperienced-car-mechanic. They keep changing parts until they find the right one.

I say; open up the entire country – practice safe habits – those that do not, DFWT, thrown their ass in jail until Mr Corona has left town for good. This economy has to get going or there will be nothing left of it.

Fauci; put a lid on it and quit scaring the #shit out of everyone.

Personally, I think Mr Corona is going to be around for long time yet. It should be like having to get used to some #pain-in-the-ass that moves next door to you. What do you do; get used to them.

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