Is this what we call sensible leadership????

Oversight Republicans warn DHS of impending border health crisis, blame ‘reckless’ Biden policies

Republicans warn Biden's 'reckless' immigration policy threatens to unleash COVID crisis at border

Swing the gates wide open and cut them loose. All I can say is, Biden and anyone that share in his #illogical-values, are #imbeciles. They are literally, #purposely, #destroying and #infecting this country. Where they hell is their #common-sense or #logic. There is none.

No one knows what kind of people they are letting in the country – what they are bringing with them as far as criminal backgrounds and health issues. It is like Castro did when he sent THE BOAT PEOPLE to invade the USA. He cleaned house, getting rid of many undesirables and criminal element.

I don’t see any of the bleeding hearts taking in a few hundred immigrants in their mansions to show their generosity and have them stay for the duration?? The simple fact of the matter, the fools behind these movements, FOR NOW – FOR NOW, do not have to deal with their decisions. I said; FOR NOW.

As these conditions mushroom, eventually they will effect the entire USA.

There is simply no words to express the ignorance of the anti-Americans behind these movements. Except; this fits right in with what TMC did sending billions of dollars to our sworn enemy; in essence, funding them to destroy us. Cut out of the same cloth.

This flood of immigrants is all part of the BIG PICTURE to run the USA into the ground. It just does not make sense. When they have achieved there goals, the #sorry-son-of-a-bitchs behind the movement waltzes in and mops up all the gravy.

TMC deliberately did what he did, knowing its consequences; just as J J (Jokin Joe) is following suit.

Part of the big Ponzi Scheme I have been talking about for years. Only the birds on the top branch are the winners.

Pay me now or pay me later. Someone or some organization has to put the breaks on J J before he totally destroys the USA.


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