The BOY is pathetic ….

Who Cuomo has blamed – other than himself – for the nursing home scandal

A very big indicator of maturity is when a person takes responsibility for their actions. Fools like Cuomo only want the glory, but will not accept responsibility when it goes the other way. The BOY is pathetic.

Now that the scarps are on the other foot and the finger pointing is leveled at A C, he can’t take the heat and just like a #sniveling-little-bitch, he is trying to put the blame for his #poor/deadly decision making.

NY governor has denied any wrongdoing in relation to nursing home deaths during the pandemic

The governor has refused to accept responsibility for deaths that then occurred at these facilities, while his administration hid the number of casualties by first only reporting those who died at the nursing homes and not those who were at hospitals or elsewhere. Here is a list of the people, institutions and concepts he has blamed.

The Nursing staff – nursing home visitors – the CDC – and former President Trump. The only people he left off of his shit list are Nancy and Sluggo, SO FAR!!!

Image result for Nancy and Sluggo.

Andy BOY; grow up and take it on the chin. #Act-like-a-man and not a #snot-nosed-spoiled-brat-kid!! Got to eat a little #liver in your life. It all can not be #chateaubriand.

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