Can we call it reverse discrimination?

Snubbed by Obama? Joe Biden says White House ‘residence’ was unseen by him – until he moved in

The disclosure suggests Barack Obama never invited Biden into the area where the former president shared private time with his family.

President Joe Biden served in the U.S. Senate for more than 30 years, and then served eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president. But until he moved in last month, he said Tuesday night, he’d never been inside the presidential “residence” area of the White House.

Use the back door boy or sit at the back of the bus may have been the orders TMC gave his 2nd in command. It is obvious he did not want a social relationship with JJ.

Going back to TMC’s 1st presidency; I always try to understand why Obama chose Joe Biden for his vice president. I thought from the very beginning they were a very Odd Couple.

I have to believe TMC was told who to choose for vice president, just like in 2021 Joe was told who to pick for his vice president. We could call it the puppet game.

These two are/were puppets string and pawns in a chess game being maneuvered by the money men that really run the country.

So for TMC shun Biden as a friend, and not have a social relationship with him does not shock me at all.

Possibly back then, it was TMC turn to be the discriminator; undoubtedly also influenced and being directed by his wife who has openly let her feelings about white people be known. Maybe Michelle didn’t feel secure with J J’s wife.

Michelle has tremendous influence on her hubby. Oprah Winfrey was very instrumental in getting Obama presidency. She campaigned profusely for him. After Obama was elected, Michelle made a point to X out Orpah from their social circle. What a slap in the face!! It is the consensus opinion that Michelle was intimidated my Oprah and made sure hubby had very little to do with her.

FYI: The same scenario played out when JFK ran for the presidency. Sammy Davis Jr went way out on a limb getting the black vote. As we know, JFK won the election, BUTTTT Sammy was NOT invited to the celebration party. Joe Kennedy, JFK’s old man, did not have much use for colored/black people. That is what I call showing gratitude.

Michelle Obama’s ‘jealousy’ and ‘resentment’ led to rift with … › 2012/05/13 › michelle-obamas-jealousy-…

May 13, 2012 — In his new book, “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House,” journalist … Michelle Obama’s ‘jealousy’ and ‘resentment’ led to rift with Oprah … NO LOVE LOST: According to “The Amateur,” a new book by Edward Klein, … Left with little choice, Michelle reluctantly agreed to tape an interview for one of …

In her coming out speech to the world, this is part of what Michele had to say:

QUOTE: Michelle Obama; this is the first time in my adult life I have been proud to be an American › michelle-obamas-proud-remarks…

Mar 12, 2008 — U.S.. Before the Wisconsin primary in mid-February, Michelle Obama … “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country … The remark may have been just a slip under the relentless pressure of campaign

You decide for yourself what she meant. Personally, I thought it was out of line.

Joe Buddy; there are some vacant seat at the back of the bus!!

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