I’ AM GOD …..

Despite warnings, Cuomo gave ill-equipped facilities legal immunity before sending in COVID patients: pol

Years ago I saw a movie staring that NUT-CASE Alec Baldwin. I will never forget one of the lines. .

Malice (1993) – Alec Baldwin as Jed – IMDbwww.imdb.com › title › characters
Malice (1993) Alec Baldwin as Jed. … Alec Baldwin in Malice (1993) Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin in Malice (1993) … Let me tell you something: I am God.

It was a very powerful scene that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. This type of mentality is not uncommon with people that have a superiority complex.

Image result for the cuomo brothers

I think the Cuomo Brothers #definitely fit into that category. For his cold and calloused crime against humanity, it is time Andrew be made an example of and throw his ass into prison for a few years to see what it feels like to eat out of a tin tray.

They both need a #severe-attitude-adjustment. The nursing home/covid caper that Andrew pulled is about as #arrogant and #conceited as it can get. Time to knock the lad down a few pegs. BUTT I doubt with his connections if he will ever be #appropriately-punished.

On top of it; never accepting responsibility and trying to shift the blame on others.

The boy needs Pay the Piper.

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