I agree with most of what J J wants to accomplish, but ….


Biden zeroes in on policy: These are J J 6 top priorities and my take on them

Coronavirus relief and public health – Definitely a good cause and good goal – quit blaming everyone else – the government has had almost a year to co-ordinate and set a game plan for the distribution of the vaccine and are still playing with themselves.

Climate change – As long as the rest of the world gets on board and shares in the same burden. Unless everyone pulls in the same direction and pays their fair share, we are pissing up a rope. If the USA and most of the other countries are abiding by the rules, but China and some other countries are not, there can’t ever be any significant progress.

Infrastructure – 40 years overdue – the country is crumbling beneath our feet and the problem has been totally ignored.

Immigration – J J and his crew better wake up and smell the napalm. Take care or our own first, than look to help others. If not handled correctly (typical) the long range effects of improper immigration will be catastrophic.

Health care – The government has been screwing around with this for years. I have the absolute and bullet proof solution to this dilemma. It should be mandatory that all politicians are subject the same health benefits – retirement benefits – social security and all other government social regulations the average Joe Blow and Jean blow are subject to. If that were ever to be put in place, I will guarantee that we would see an entirely different way of governing. They are nothing but a bunch of entitled spoiled brat that have no clue on how the average man fights to survive. In shorts they forget where they came from

Equity, inclusion and unity – This is a pipe dream that will never come to fruition. Socialist element in this country seems to think that anyone that has worked hard and been successful is compelled to share their wealth the less fortunate. To some extent I do agree there is a big disparity between the two, but the rich should not be deliberately scorned because of their success. I have to assume good majority of politicians in DC are multi-millionaires. To start with I would like to see them all take a pay cut (they are obliged to work only 138 days) and be paid by their performance. If they are going to sit on top of Nob Hill and dictate policies, they should to play by the same rules the average citizen. I think it is disgraceful; their main priority is themselves, how financially successful they can become and not the well-being of the people that voted them into office. Clean your house before you ask me to clean mine.

J J; talk is cheap. Let us wait and see just how much of his ambitious projects ever get out of the starting gate.

As much as I dislike J J and Car-Mella, becaue of what they represent; I wish them good luck for the sake of all Americans. But based on their ideology, their history and the fools that J J is tapping on the shoulder, I am very doubtful as to the degree of success for this country. They just do not have a good track record. Most of all who is in their social circuit. You can always tell the quality of a person by the company they keep.

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Omar’ appointment took the cake!!

Rabbis: Ilhan Omar’s Promotion Shows ‘Anti-Semitism Now …


1 day ago · The ZOA strongly opposes, condemns, and urges the retraction of the outrageous appointment of vicious antisemite, Israel-basher and anti-Israel-BDS-promoter Ilhan Omar to be Vice Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, and Global Human Rights.

WELL????? Argue with the facts.

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