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Rep. Stefanik says ‘dam is breaking’ against Gov. Cuomo after nursing home cover-up

Calls on all Dems to ‘grow a spine’ and push for investigation

“The dam is breaking, you’re seeing overwhelming bipartisan outcry. Democrats … need to grow a spine and stand up for what’s right,” she said on “The Faulkner Focus,” calling Cuomo “the worst governor in America” in handling the pandemic.

The major problem being a #compulsive-liar; the liar has to have a #good-memory. Most don’t.

As we all know; starting with our #current-president JJ (Jokin Joe; he can’t remember what day it is or distinguish between who his sister or mother is.

Joe Biden appears to confuse his wife and sister at the start of … › watch0:17
When Joe Biden walks on stage to address his supporters, he seems to confuse his wife and sister and …Mar 3, 2020 · Uploaded by Reuters

There seems to be an #epidemic #plaguing the politician in the USA called bullshitites. They #bullshit so much, they cannot remember the last lie they told. Consequently they have to tell 10 more lies to get out of the first one they lied about.

As we would suspect, they are only digging a deeper grave for themselves. That seems to be the conditions revolving around (my father was governor of NY) Andrew Cuomo.

Image result for Andrew Cuomo
Make that a pound of capicola sliced medium.

When most people are brought up under privileged conditions; as the grow they assume because of who their daddy is, or what their zip code is, rules and regulations do not apply to them.

The lies that A C has been telling in his political career up until now have not been as #complicated/damning/severe/egregious as this one. With his #deliberate cover up of reporting accurate information to the authorities about causalities and very ill people nailed by Covid-19; this is a major blunder that really put his nuts in vice. I don’t know if he has enough #clout/political-crooked-friends to weasel out of.

My advice has always been; come clean right out of the gate, take the lumps and get it over with. Eventually the truth always comes out and makes the situation 100 times worse. AXE Wild Bill!!

I enjoy putting the blocks to W B every chance I get. He is one of the most #narcissistic people walking the earth. He never showed any #remorse for his fling with his #love-sick-intern. The only thing that bother Wild Bill, he could not lie his way out of the #spotted-dress. What a fool the fool must have felt like when he had to come clean!! Or maybe not???

Image result for the infamous blue spotted dress Lewinsky

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