Don’t tell me CNN is finally reading the news ….

The story keeps getting worse for Andrew Cuomo on Covid-19

It sort of surprises me that CNN would put ONE-OF-THIER-OWN on the hot seat. Governor Cuomo is supposed to be the #cremede-La-Creme and an #untouchable.

I guess that CNN did not want to be left in the cold and had to have their dirty little fingers in the I GOT-YOU-PIE.

This #cover-up is #absolutely #inexcusable and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Resolving misconduct like this should have no boundaries no matter who it is.

Yesterday I made reference to the German’s denial that #Auschwitz existed and today I will do it again. This may be not as critical in volume, but has to be #comparable in the #cold-bloodiness of the act. I hope that Cuomo has to pay a big price for his #inexcusable actions. The situation is too big to cover up.

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