From Fox News – Cuomo’s alleged nursing home cover-up draws the ire of NY lawmakers

Cuomo’s alleged nursing home cover-up draws the ire of NY lawmakers

I do not like the word alleged. It is documented in black and white and plenty of hard evidence to back up what Cuomo did and did not do.

Cooking the books and other suppressing conditions that were crucial as to how bad the coronavirus was in the state of New York, especially nursing homes. Only a monster would put his personal agenda (make Trump the fall-gut) before the health and well-being of the citizens that elected him to be their Shepard. Instead of a Shepard, Cuomo became their nemesis.

Just liking most #underhanded situations where a politician is involved, I am very anxious to see where that goes the legal department. Most probably nowhere.

I don’t know how anyone any human-being can take this guy side; except a hypocrite like Dr Fauci Frankenstein. › covid-19-ny-fauci-anthony-cuomo

Jul 20, 2020 — Dr. Anthony Fauci said New York has set an example for the rest of the country of how to successfully fight coronavirus as cases in the state …

It is not actually comparable the severity of the situation as Auschwitz was, when the Germans try to denied that the gas Chambers existed and the executing millions of Jews never happened.

Image result for Auschwitz concentration camp

But it is coming in as a close second.

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