Tony has a good case …

Tony Dungy roundtable on lack of Black NFL head coaches a must-watch

With 70% of the NFL players being #black, I would think that more than just 3 of the head coaches in the NFL be should be black.

I always like to make this point; #tokens of any race are not acceptable. They must to be qualified for their positions.

Now is an #excellent-time in history for the wanna-be-black-coaches or any other occupation to make a lot of noise and state their case. In general, the American society is standing on it’s head trying to equalize and satisfy the black community at all levels. Just check out the tube while watching. I have never seen more black people and mixed couples on the screen as I have seen lately. Is it a good thing?? Only if they are not tokens and qualified.

I remember years ago, occupations like firemen and cops lowered their tests scores for the black people so they were able to pass. End result; #unqualified-dangerous to the occupation. That is not acceptable.

Getting back to my soap box – the keys to life are through #EDUCATION. Any person that wants to climb the ladder; it starts at the bottom using hard work and dedication.


Cold hard fact folks; you want something bad enough, you have to work for it. There is no such thing as a free lunch or reparation.

A post I did yesterday in case you missed it:

One fact of life that is very important. There are millions of qualified people out there for millions of different positions; BUTT if they are given the chance to demonstrate their talents, all the ability in the world is not enough. Everyone needs a GODFATHER to look out for them and help open the doors!!

Image result for The Godfather
Godfather, can you get the kid on at the docks???

Tony D; maybe you better get the God-Father involved. If you need his number, give me a shout.

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