A little too late …

Susan Sarandon calls out Biden, Dems over size of stimulus checks: ‘Pulling a bait and switch’

The “Bad Moms Christmas” actress also called out VP Harris and Georgia U.S. senators Warnock and Ossoff

Where were you and your crew on #election-day Suzy?? Fools like you put J J and Car-mella in office.

You have no one to blame BUTT yourself.

Look at the damage J J (Jokin Joe) did to the pipeline workers; all of the people that were #duped into #supporting him, with a #stroke-of-the-pen.

Susan Sarandon is calling out President Biden and his fellow Democrats, accusing them of a “bait and switch” move regarding stimulus checks for Americans struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Best news yet for the #gullible-Biden-supporters; he is just getting started.

J J is the poster boy for the saying; #TALK-IS-CHEAP.

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