Truthfully; what can they fill the shelves with ????

Obama center in Chicago, estimated at $500M, to break ground this year despite complaints, officials say

Taxpayers are expected to pay for about $174 million in related roadway changes, a report said

If the truth was told about TMC’s presidency; they would be hard pressed to come up with any noteworthy material to put on display.

I guess that is the icing on the cake – the strawberry on the sundae – cream in the coffee when any person has a library named after them, even if they do not deserve it.

Is this man worth the expenses associated with the library?? Not as far as I am concerned. This has to be the biggest boost to anyone’s ego and TMC certainly has a big one.

Obama’s Ego and The Story of America He Told | by Michael … › @curious_founder › obamas-ego-and…

In Obama’s case ego propelled him to the Senate. In campaigns it also caused him, at times, to respond emotionally to attacks and become distracted from his strategy. Ego is the story humans tell…

The Ego Of Obama Revealed – Freedom Wire › the-ego-of-obama-revealed

We all know that Obama may have been the most egotistical president that ever sat in the Oval Office… You would never have to ask what he thought of himself — he’d just tell you. No more was this on display than when he was on left-leaning nighttime talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, …

Ego, Obama’s Achilles’ Heel – American Thinker › articles › 2010 › 02 › …

While the Tea Party movement has played an extremely vital role, Obama’s biggest problem has been his arrogance and his ego. Contemptuously, Obama believes he can use America’s ignorance of history…

In his early days a president, I made this #observation/tell tale indicator about TMC. When he was elected the first time, he walked normally and had a pretty #laidback demeaner. Probably all an act to be accepted as the 1st black president. The longer he was in office, the more #pronounced his #ghetto-shuffle became. That is definitely an #enormous-expression of #arrogance.

I can think of 174,000,000$ more useful condition this handout can be used for than preparations for the Obama hall of Fame. That does not include the other 500,000,00$ for the museum itself.

We talk about squandering money. I don’t care what basket it is taken from, it is a gigantic waste.

Image result for the obama library

With a total cost of the project hedging toward 1 billion dollars; I think whomever supports/funds this has a lot of balls dedicating that kind of money when so many people in this country don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Just an opinion!!

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