Am I on top of it or not!!!!

AOC faces backlash as critics point out she wasn’t in Capitol building during riots

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was in the Cannon office building, across from the Capitol

What did I say the other day when Ossacio came out with her tales of woe?? Is she an attention grebber or not??

I did this post the day she went public with her crying towel story just to get her name in the headlines and try to boost her popularity. Stay relevant as the groupies put it. .

Sure as shit this PR Chick is all about me – me – me – me. The only way people like Occiasio can make it through life, because they are so shallow and insecure, is to keep trying to boost their ego through bullshitting.

She went against my cardinal rule. If you are going to be a bull-shitter, make sure you cover your track and be a good one.

There should be severe backlash against this floozy; who by her nefarious actions put the shaft to all the ladies/girls out there have have truly have been raped or molested, minimizing their horrible experiences. Occasio is making a mockery of the ordeal they went thru.

Do you know what kind of person it takes to make a outlandish, false claim like this?? A very sick one. I said it way back when; it is in the eyes, the window to her soul.

Image result for aoc eyes
This is a very sick broad.

Occasio did not lie about some very trivial incident; she claimed she was molested, one of the worst experiences any female can experience. She should have to do some time in the brig for that infraction.

From here on in, (not that I ever did before) what the hell can this broad say that would be believable?? Nothing. If the Capitol Building was really burning and she was running around yelling; FIRE – FIRE, I would have to check it out myself before believing her.

What else has she been lying about all these years??

Get her out of there or at least in the penalty box for a good long time.

Image result for Penalty Box

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