The coup de grâce – never say never…

Nuclear war with China or Russia a ‘real possibility,’ STRATCOM commander warns

While the pathetic politicians in the USA are trying to cut each-others throats, acting like a bunch of 2nd graders playing keep-away ball in the school yard; China – Russia – Iran and North Korea are building up their military arsenals to take over and destroy the USA.

What is the big attraction you ask?? Land!! What does our land hold that most other countries have little of; # 1 the size of it (land mass) and # 2, more significant, it’s natural resources.

Because of their enormously over populated countries and nowhere to spread out to; what do these countries need; lots of land mass and the natural resources that go with it.

For some of them like China and North Korea, they have nothing to loses and everything to gain; so why not take the shot.

Killing off a few 100 million of their own people, they consider it collateral damage, no big deal. It is not a question of if this will eventually happen, it is only a matter of when.

When it the best time to attack your enemy?? Naturally when they are at their weakest. Has there ever been a time when the USA so divided and as weak as we are now?? Not to my memory. To top it off; now we have a bunch of fools sitting in the Casa Bianca that think the barrel of a gun is to put flowers in.

Flower Power (photograph) - Wikipedia

Now to top off this unenviable position; everyone and their mother has a nuke.

Let me give you a little clue. Lister to one that has been there:

Anne Frank quote: The weak die out and the strong will survive, and...

Whether evil or not; this rule will apply.

While the fools in the USA are trying to destroy each other from with-in; cutting back on military spending, defunding cops, plus – plus -plus; our enemies are salivating, sharpening their ax, just waiting until the time comes they can make their move. Why do you think China built the worlds biggest aircraft carrier.

I did this post on 9-15-15, almost 5 years ago:

It will happen; especially when we have nut cases like TMC (Ba-Rock) financing them. What school do you think J J graduated from??

Always keep your finger on the trigger and your eye on the hog!!

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