No good news on the horizon …..

I’ve had my Covid-19 vaccine — now what can I safely do? Your questions answered

The experts say; even after the 2nd Covid shot, a person is not home free and still must continue to go around like a bank robber.

Bank Robbery Scene (JOKER) - The Dark Knight (2008) Movie CLIP HD - YouTube

On top of that; we may need a 3rd shot somewhere down the line. No one knows anything for sure.

I really don’t know how the hell all of Trump’s critics broke his balls over his handling of the virus; when still today, after he is out of office, the so called experts are still guessing what the next move is. I would like to label this syndrome, FAUCI-ISM.

Even the most learned experts still do not know how to deal with this unwelcome intruder or how long he intends to stay around killing off millions of the human race.

I did this post 4-21-20

I have a very strong intuition that Mr Corona or one of his cousins is going to be around for a long time.

Get used to the masks folks.

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