Over one-third of young adults misuse psychoactive medications, study says

I can name many conditions that exist now that did not exist in THE OLD DAYS. That is not saying much for the advancement of society. We should never measure success on material/mechanical things; we must judge success on what has been a positive advancement for the wellbeing of society on the whole.

If the conditions are so extraordinary in the world; why is it that 1/3 of all kids have been on some sort of psycho drugs in order to make it through the day??


What good are advancements if they are counterproductive for mankind?? I don’t consider developing robots that do the work of 500 men, if those 500 people are out of a job.

I do not see the benefit of subliminally brainwashing our kids to control their choices as in their sexual preferences, their inter-racial preferences or any other decisions that should comes naturally to a person as they mature. This trash on the tube is being is force fed through the demented media and entertainment outlets, poisoning heir undeveloped minds.

There has been an on-going movement in this country and probably the world for decades to brainwash the young kids and turn them into submissive zombies through the degenerate media and the exposure to drugs. Based on what I see, the bad guys are winning the war. This is one of the primary reasons over 1/3rd of the kids today need medication (legal or otherwise) to make it through the day.

You tell me WFG are advancements if they are working against us??

I keep harping on the OLD DAYS. It is hard to believe; not one of the people I grew up with took drugs. I did not grow up in a candy-assed neighborhood.

As far as I am concerned; I know progress has to be continuous, but at what cost to mankind??

The 1/3 plus percentage of the kids referenced to, will be our future leaders. What we now have for governemnt leaders surely are not stellar citizens to be admired. Many of them come from the hippie era where this nonsense all started.

Bill & Hillary. Awesome! | misc | Funny hillary clinton memes, Bill,  hillary clinton, Hillary rodham clinton

Who could have ever guessed that these two pieces of work would someday be leaders of our county. This is what they call progress. I guess I proved my point.

TFG is not even a good liar:

Presidents and Drugs—Bill Clinton Didn’t Inhale 25 Years Ago …time.com › History › politicsMar 29, 2017 — Bill Clinton speaks at a Sheraton hotel March 31, 1992 in New York City, shortly after saying that he did not inhale when he tried marijuana.

That is like someone telling you, they drank a whole bottle of Johnny Walker Green but never swallowed any of it. What a

Folks; you can take it from one who knows. Pay me now or a hell of a lot more later. Personally, sad to say, I do not see a turnaround.

Before we put all of our focus on advancements; let us work together and fix what we have now that is broken. Put your kids and grandchildren first, they are our future.

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