Attention grabber????

AOC says she’s a survivor of sexual assault

She was talking about fears during the riot at the Capitol

I don’t know if I believe her. Did she go to sick bay and get it checked out – did she report it to the cops?? Based on how #sketchy her details are and her #history of being a #wave-maker; Ossacio may be #spinning-yarn to attract some #attention.

Ocasio-Cortez told her followers that she has not told many people about the assault but said the trauma has a way of compounding on itself.

“There’s no, something really big happens to you and then you deal with it and you move on, and then when something else happens to you, you deal with that,” she said.

Like it never happened?? He explanations are too vague and nonchalant for me to believe. Ossacio has been known to be an attention getter, and I think she will do what she can to to stay #relevant and her picture on the front page. !!

Did one of the rioters allegedly grab one of the boobs or was she raped?? Both can be considered sexual assault.

If it is was on the up and up it should have been front page news weeks ago.

The belligerent ignorance of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | The Maine Wire
The eyes are the window to the soul

If the incident was on the up and up, it should have been front page news a month ago. Too many holes.

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