The #frightening #possibilities of #misusing #DNA #testing …..

Charlie Chan: one of his most devious undertakings yet

I made this observation many years ago when I was traveling the world at the expense of the #USMC. 95% of the people in all countries are good; it is the governments that are #corrupt and #evil.

The #Chinese-government is number one on the list of #EVIL. They have taken a very #innocuous  #procedure and turned it in to what can be one of the most harmful things ever to faced mankind. Control of the entire world thru misusing DNA testing. If they control the DNA they will control the world. They are working very hard to do just that.

What could someone do with your DNA?

This includes the police, political parties, historians, professional sports teams, personal enemies, etc. DNA contains adequate amount of information about someone and it can be used for many purposes such as establishing paternity, proving genealogical connections or even unmasking private medical conditions.

I watched a segment on 60 Minutes last night and the reality of what I saw was frightful.

There is no secret that Charlie has been, and will continue to try to dominate the world. They are going around the world buying up the companies, like that secure DNA information from curious people who want to see where they came from. Charlie is taking that information and uses it to eventually dominate and control the entire civilization of the world.

This is not some #nightmare, #pipedream some flake dreamt up; it is for real and Charlie does have his eyes on #world-domination. Partially through nefarious manipulations of science. Charlie and his crew can conquer the world without firing a shot.

They are actively buying up and owning all the information from the ancestry research companies and laboratories around the world that develop the people’s DNA. Once Chuck and crew has our DNA; it is theirs for keeps and to use it anyway the want.

Needless to say; The Chinese government has never been concerned about the legality – human interest concerns and well being of mankind. Any government that would deliberately not disclose the outbreak of a disease like Covid-19 that they manufactured; that says volumes as to just how corrupted and despicable they can be. They have no regard for human life.

I did this post April 16 2020:

I would recommend that anyone reading this post not ever get involved with submitting your blood to be test by any ancestry companies. You have no idea what they do with their findings. I would also suggest this post be passed on to everyone you know – everyone they know and everyone they know. It may be possible help to stop a calamity if everyone gets on board early. Although, it may be too late already.

These articles are not warning people sufficiently enough about the possibilities of countries like China misusing DNA for diabolical purposes.

NEVER SAY NEVER – take this post seriously. It can be a matter of life and death for future generations. The Chinese government will stop at nothing in their quest to conquer the world.

Go easy on the MSG Chuck!!

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