#Politics and #hypocrisy are attached at the hip like conjoined twins ….

They are called; the you lie and I will swear to it brothers!!

We would assume; if someone is solid enough to take the credit for something that is successful; in reverse, they should accept the blame for their mistakes. That is not the way the world turns.

When the time comes for #accepting the #accolades, the politicians #trample over one another to be first in line and get their nose in the camera. When it comes to accountability, the #bastards all scatter like in a #Chinese-fire-drill. So goes the Cuomo Twins – Andy the governor and Chris the CNN Boulder Rolling critic.

Coronavirus: Chris Cuomo debates mom's 'favorite' with Andrew Cuomo
CNN anchor remembers his father, former NY Gov. Cuomo - CNN Video

Their family goes way back in politics. They have been milking the system since their father Mario was the lieutenant governor of NY in 1978. By the way; Mario was old school and did a very good job as governor.

Back in the day when Daddy Mario broke the ice and got into politics; the occupation of a politician had some sort of #honor attached to it. Most of them were truly looking out for the people they represented. As we have witnessed; these days good politicians are as scarce hen’s teeth.

It is so easy to be a wealthy conservative when that person does not have to live in the same world as the people they represent. My Political Ponzi Scheme is the perfect example.

The vultures on the top of the pyramid reap all the profits and benefits, while the birds on the bottom branches are constantly being shit on. BUTT, time after time, the same fools keep electing the same vultures.

LIFE Leadership Pyramid Scheme? | Orrin Woodward on LIFE & Leadership

Any common citizen that has the illusion politicians (95% or more of them) have any regard for the people they are suppose to serve, they have another guess coming. It is all about making a name for themselves, trying to make the other guy look bad and filling their coffers.

According to credible sources, governor Cuomo indirectly caused the death of thousands of elderly patients in NY nursing homes because of his poor planning in handling the corona virus.

NY data show nursing home deaths undercounted
3 days ago — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration confirmed Thursday that thousands more nursing home residents died of COVID-19 than the …

Does Cuomo Share Blame for 6,200 Virus Deaths in N.Y. …

http://www.nytimes.com › nursing-homes-deaths-coronavirus

Jul 8, 2020 — A state directive sent thousands of Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, but the Cuomo administration has given other reasons for the virus’s …

During the preliminary plans to act against the virus, when he was laying out his strategy, Cuomo was sucking up all the accolades. After his scheme or methodology fell apart; he denied he had any culpability.

ANDDDDD, as we may guess, his brother; CNN anchor, covered up his brothers involvement by either not reporting on it or denying he mishandled the situation. Thus we have the; the you lie and I will swear to it brothers!!

Based on what I see; my views on where this country is headed is very dim. Our leaders are proving me correct everyday.

UPDATE: Serious business

Stefanik: Cuomo should resign if investigation proves ‘criminal coverup’ of nursing home deaths

Congresswoman called on President Biden to support an independent investigation

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