#Maxi – #Dirty-Waters …..

Maxine Waters has #given over $1 million in #campaign-cash to #daughter

What is new?? She

Waters’ family has a history of cashing in on the California Democrat’s campaigns

Because of who she is and what she is; this conniving old broad has been beating the system for decades, unchallenged.

Maxi and Albert Sharpless are the poster children for; You can’t touch me, I am black and can yell louder than most people.

Reverend Al Sharpton on Twitter: "Congresswoman Maxine Waters and I last  night at the 2019 DNC African American Leadership gala.… "
Keep those envelopes coming in people

These two hustlers have been abusing the system for year. Why you AXE?? Because they know they can. Most people ignore what they do not wanting to rock the boat for fear of being labeled racists’. They do not want to admit; racism goes both ways.

Someone’s race has nothing to do with being a thief. Thieves come in all shapes, sizes, colors and hairdo’s . One thing I give the two bandits credit for is there brazenness; they are not afraid of wear their hatred for white people and the system on their sleeves. Gotta admit, they are very gutsy.

All their supporters black and white are fools believing that they are not being used as financial pawns in their chess game of enriching themselves. How do the contributors feel about Maxi financing her family with voters contributions?? They must not acre; they keep on shelling out those dead presidents.

Just a small glimpse into their unsavory behavior:

thehill.com › homenews › house › 113309-house-ethic…

Aug 10, 2010 — Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned stock secure federal bailout funds. The committee charged the …

MOST CORRUPT: REPRESENTATIVE MAXINE WATERS …s3.amazonaws.com › wp-content › uploads › 2016/07

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) is an eleven-term member of Congress, … Waters’ ethics issues stem from a meeting she arranged between officials at … making false statements to the committee,. 64 criminal convictions for bribery,. 65.

Albert Sharpless – not exactly the stellar citizen. TMC (Obama) must have thought so; regardless of Albert’s criminal history, TMC gave him a key to the Casa Bianca’s front door. Or maybe it was the servants entrance?? But he did have a key.

Little do they know it; people like Big Al and Maxi are the black people’s #worst-enemy. They constantly use and abuse them for their #personal-gains. These two characters are #experts in playing the #reverse-race-card-game. They bleed it for everything they can, knowing that the possibility of them being prosecuted is little to none.

Rep. Waters charged on three counts | TheHillthehill.com › homenews › house › 113309-house-ethic…

Aug 10, 2010 — Maxine Waters, who is accused of helping a bank in which her husband owned … for financial gain, as well as a government ethics statute banning the … The ethics committee last week released a detailed report, by the Office …



It is all well and good that these infractions of the law are brought to the forefront, BUTT if there are no consequences, what is the purpose?? #Waste of #tax-payers money.

Unfortunately; there are #parasitical people of high standings in the black community, that are the black people worst enemies.

Clarification: Many of the white upper crust are just flagrant when it comes to breaking the law without any consequences. Much of it revolves around how their last name is (does Hunter ring as bell) spelled and how many zeros the old man has in his bank account. Another legal farce.

Let do a look-see if there will be any legal repercussions for Maxi’s latest illegal financial stunt. Don’t hold your breath!

Cultural Communication: "Don't Hold Your Breath!" • American Culture  Consultants

As long as the authorities continue to allow these thieves to operate unimpeded, they will continue to operate doing BAU. Cry race loud enough and get away with almost anything.

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