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Japan prime minister says he’s determined to hold Olympics

#Harakiri (or hara-kiri) most often refers to a form of seppuku (or ritual #suicide), often miswritten as “harikari”. 

Japan: how coronavirus crushed Abe's Olympics dream | Financial Times
The man has some very bitter Sushi to swollow.

Haste makes waste. If the prime minister is foolish enough and insists on kicking off the Olympics without being absolutely positive the danger of even one person getting the virus is a possibility, he would not be making a wise decision. In kind, any country that attends the Olympics knowing there is a least possibility that there virus is a threat, they are very foolish as well.

As we all know; everything in this world revolves around the almighty dollar or the Yen in this case.

Prior to the postponement, Japan said the Olympics would cost $12.6 billion. But a government audit last year said it was likely twice that much, and that was before the postponement. All but $5.6 billion is public money.

The Olympics can be compared to a bride that spends 10 grand on a wedding dress and only wears it once. Gigantic waste of money. I would think here should be some serious forethought as to what these facilities can be used for after the fact. Just another great example of government waste and corruption. Is there anything sacred in this world?? HELL NO.

What abandoned Olympic venues look like today [Photos] - Business Insider
Abandoned Olympic Venues From Around The World Or Why It's The Biggest  Waste Of Money Ever | Bored Panda
Pin on Places and Spaces

Prime example of the total waste and corruption behind the games.

Did the Winter Olympics in Sochi really cost $50 billion? A … › lifestyle › style › 2014/02/10

Feb 10, 2014 — Russia hopes the Olympic stimulus will turn the Sochi area into a … padded their Olympic construction bills by the billions in order to skim …

There is speculation that the Judo Guy personally made Billions of Rubles off of the Olympics that were held in Russia.

Putin and His Judo Cronies – Foreign Policy

Be that as it may; Japan putting out that kind of money for any event would be a disasters if the event did not move ahead as planned.

What it all boils down to; what is more important to the Japanese government; going ahead regardless of the risks, possibly infecting 1,000’s of people that will pass it on to thousands more or the loss of some very significant Yen. I would hate to hear their answer. When Mr Corona initially came to town, at that time, the prime minister was determined then to move forward with the games. Fortunately, he changed his mind.

As it stands right now, with the virus going full speed ahead, if the same conditions still exist on kick off day, it would not be prudent to hold the Olympics. I have no idea or does anyone else if the conditions are going to improve between now and then.

If the Japanese government is foolish enough to move forward regardless; they certainly will be committing Harakiri. Anyone outside of Japan that is reckless enough to roll the dice with them, they also would be making a very serious blunder.

Those who smile and walk away live to see another day!!

Human beings in general are like robots, they can not think for themselves. Their superiors press the buttons and the robots go where they are directed.

The risk is not worth it. If Hairy Carrie wants to commit Harakiri by falling on his sword, so be it.

What is Seppuku? - HISTORY

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