What happened; the light of reality just went on??

Oregon mayor on Portland rioting: This is what the ‘defund police’ movement looks like

5 ways Portland encouraged rioting for years, now can't stop them. | The  Oregon Catalyst

California mayor says fewer police officers ‘wrong direction’ to take

No shit Dick Tracy! #Brilliant #deduction!!

Exclusive preview: Artist Rich Tommaso on IDW's new Dick Tracy: Dead or  Alive Exclusive preview: Artist Rich Tommaso on IDW's new Dick Tracy: Dead  or Alive | SYFY WIRE

You heard me say it many times; be careful of what you wish for.

There are animals out there that have misery and brutality running through their veins. They thrive on disruption and violence.

If all we had in this country as demonstrators, were flower children, like in the 60’s who were harmless and just wanted to get high; that would be the ideal situation, but it is not. Their movement was an entirely different. All they wanted was some free nookie and a lot of grass to suck on.

10 Things You'll Understand If You Smoked Grass In The Hippie Days | Herb
Peace – love and Maryjane

The rioters we are now confronted with understand only one thing; people that are more violent than they are. Trying to live without a police force or a limited staffing has proven to be disastrous. It is coming back to bite all of it’s proponents in the ass.

Cities have to align themselves with good solid cops and allow them to do what they were trained for. Take the handcuffs off of the good cops.

Who hell do you think is behind this crazy defunding or eliminating cops movement?? Naturally the people that want to take over control of the USA. For the life of me, I can not conceive that the people behind this insanity are very well known, BUTT the authorities do not make a move to bring them down. Cut the head of the snake off and the snake dies.

The longer they wait, the more powerful they become, the bigger following they get and the more brazen they become. What do the officials need to light a fire under their ass?? Stupidity ay it’s finest.

Time to make a positive move in a positive direction before the entire country is set on fire. Mexico said it could not happen to them. Guess what; now the banditos are more powerful – wealthy and have more fire power than their government.


The fools that believe this fire is going to burn out by itself are living in fantasyland. This country or any other country can not SAFELY exist without an adequate police force and a solid military to protect it.

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