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We need more ‘trauma-free Blackness.’ Here’s a start

There is an old saying; that I love to use; we can only get out of life what we put into it!!

Are there #numerous-obstacles that many people have to #overcome?? Absolutely yes. Is it difficult to forgive and forget, have a #positive-outlook for the future when the past has been so #bleak?? Absolutely yes again!! What we have to do for our own sanity and #wellbeing is always look at the #alternative. As difficult as it is, in many cases the alternative is a lot better choice then living in misery.

Dwelling on the #negative/past is not a good choice. Hard feelings linger for years while the sore gets more and more infected. I am not suggesting that everyone forget the past; what I am suggesting is, put it in the closet for your own well-being. Any mental health expert will tell us the same thing. A #polluted, #angry mind is very #detrimental.

If rioting was the answer to peace among races, I say go for it. It has been proven; rioting may/does grab the attention of the masses, but in the long run, all we have left are burned down buildings – scores of injured or dead people and no resolution. The ONLY key to peaceful resolutions is EDUCATION on all sides of the isle.

Eventually along with education comes refinement, dignified, civilized people that want to make the world a better place.

One of the many drawbacks; there are fools in this world that do not want racial harmony. If success is going to be attained; it has to be a unanimous undertaking for all concerned.

There is absolutely no room for rogue cops who get their rocks off abusing their power. In the same token, the crime rate has to be lowered substantially on all sides so the abusive cops activities are reduced dramatically. The judicial system and good old boys club need to be changed.

I still say that my suggestion of police policing police would be a giant step in the right direction to eliminating cops abuse. But in the same token; an issue that many in the black community do not want to address, the crime rate has to be reduced substantially. No crime or reduced crime; combined with police policing police, the less chance there is of cops abuse taking place.

Is it disgraceful what happened to the black people because of greed and ignorance?? You bet it is, but that can not be changed, but we can write the ticket for our own future.

If people would remember the two words RESPECT and EDUCATION; they are the keys to change. We do not have to like one another for the sake of peace, just respect each-other. Respect and education both fall under the umbrella that comes with the personal advancements for a better society. .

I say this may all be wishful thinking, but is the only sure way to turn the tides.

Sad to say there are elements out there that do not want peace. They have to be weeded out and locked away for the duration. They are poisoning mankind. So that leaves us with the question, what is the answer?? Definitely very hard to answer.

We all must unite and work together against these evil forces. I always revert to my primary recommendation of EDUCATION which should start at home, family unity. Family unity is another gigantic obstacle, but I think it may be getting better.

It is a monumental task for mankind, but if we do not address it, we will be looking through the same broken window 100 years from now, complaining about the same issues. My biggest concern is for the kids in the future. If some of us are too selfish and ignorant to make the changes for ourselves, make them for the kids of tomorrow.

This article is definitely attainable for all people IF they are willing to work at it.

Start by saying good morning or good evening to strangers and smile at them. Smiling is a little difficult to recognize with everyone wearing a mask. At first they may be shocked, but that is a great way to break the ice.

We only get out of life what we put into it.

We control our own destiny; but if we continue to stick our hand in the flame, we have no one to blame but ourselves for getting burnt.

What a beautiful scene of kids playing and enjoying themselves

We can make it happen if we all jump rope together!!

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