Brilliant ……. What took the chief so long …….

“When we don’t have any form of accountability for people — and many of them that are coming from outside the city — they will continue to do that destruction, and we can’t have that,” the police chief said

Brilliant ……. What took the chief so long …….

When the baby pops their head out of that safe and secure place they have been hiding for 9 months; that is the time to begin their life’s education. We do not wait until they are 10 years old before they know what the meanings NO and YOU CAN’T means.

Unless a the proverbial tree is supported with a strong rod (parents or guardians) to make it (the person) grows straight; what we have when it matures, it becomes a crooked and out of shape tree and no longer manageable.

While Young, The Tree Can Be Easily Bent - Ancient Japanese Proverb.. Stock  Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 59632411.

So goes people that misbehave. If there are no consequences for their actions, as the grow, the more #crooked and #unmanageable they become.

If the #bleeding-hearted-lefters in the affected cities had reacted to the #violence and #destruction of the #rioters as they should have from the beginning, they would not have these conditions.

This is the insurance bill for damage and looting during protests over  George Floyd's death — and that's just in Minnesota - MarketWatch
Washington riots: Destruction and looting just metres from the White House  | 7NEWS - YouTube

For the life of me; I can not conceive what the hell the city leaders are thinking when they allow this type of behavior yo get out of hand with no consequences?? Is it possible that they are that ignorant?? Must be or else these conditions would not exist.

The officials should not have waited until 3/4 of the city is in ruins before they act. They should have laid down the gauntlet from day one, when the fist match is lit.

It is sinful that the good citizens of these cities have to suffer the consequences of a few radical thinking fools that govern the city. On the other hand, they are the people that elected them.

Seattle City Council Members - CityArchives |

These are the city council members that turned their backs on the rioters and let them have at it. It may have been a good thing if their houses were burned to the ground. On the other hand; they just may be that brain-washes and ignorant as a permissive parent when little Johnny hits his mother in the face with a frying pan and mommy says; look how nice Johnny plays!! I have witnessed that type of behavior and the kid grew up to be a disaster, with the foolish parents wondering why.

If a firm position is not taken immediately; scenes like the pictures above are going to become more and more commonplace.

If anyone can not see the pattern that has developed with the anarchists trying to take over the country; they need their heads examined.

I think Trump should have taken a different/stronger approach; that is exactly what the other side was waiting for for him to give the order to open fire. Does any sane person want to see that type of reaction from the cops or military?? Hell no, but the rioters are not giving the authorities any other choice.

But this is OK with the wack-job city counsel and other ignorant fools in this world. I hope everyone agrees, there is definitely something out of kilter.

Policeman on Fire: The Story Behind the Viral Photograph | Time

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