Billy Boy may not be as #off-the-wall as I thought …

Bill Maher: Now that Trump is gone, ‘We can’t blame everything on him’

Every once and awhile Maher #drops-a-peal that leads me to believe he is not as #wacky as I thought. He is absolutely right; the #vultures need a new fall guy since Trump got his hat.

I said it in my post the other day; who can the media – Jokin Joe – Car-mella – The Squadlest – the #groupie-beautiful-phonies – and the rest of the #obsessed witch hunters blame when things go south?? Trump is not there to take the heat; so the jacket has to be put on J J.

If the media is honest (doubtful) and tell it like it is, there will be nowhere for J J to run to and no where to hide. He definitely can not handle the abuse and pressure PDT did for 4years plus.

I really never cared for Maher very much; I don’t shared his sarcasm. It does pleasantly surprises me; his eyes and ears are open a lot more than he lets on.

I can imagine some of his #middle-of-the-road-dialog goes over as well as the NY Rabbi that tried to hold a wedding reception for his grandson and invited 7,0000 people in the middle of a pandemic. What a piece of work!!

Secret plans helped synagogue pull off massive, maskless … › 2020/11/21 › secret-plans-helped-synago…

Nov 21, 2020 — A Hasidic synagogue in Brooklyn planned the wedding of a rabbi’s grandson with such secrecy it was able to host thousands of maskless celebrants. … New COVID-19 cases in New York City rose to 3.11% Saturday, according … Aaron Teitelbaum led a Chumash, a celebration of the Torah, on Oct. 27 at its …

In case you missed it; the Rabbi’s #archenemy, his own brother tried to pull off the same caper with 10,000 people; but someone dropped a quarter on him before he could get his plans off the ground. A bigger piece of work.

N.Y. Shuts Down Hasidic Wedding That Could Have Had … › 2020/10/18 › nyregion › nyc-covid-…

Oct 18, 2020 — The ultra-Orthodox synagogue in Brooklyn accused state officials of … brought up to 10,000 guests to Brooklyn, near one of New York City’s coronavirus hot spots. … would have been invited to participate only “for a short period of time. … the governor and the Hasidic community as state health officials try to ...

Who is their god?? The almighty envelop.

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