These fools never give up …..

Fauci unleashed: He says it’s ‘liberating’ that he can ‘let the science speak’ as adviser to Biden

Liberating??? Sounds like a confused teenager that just burned he bra.

Why You Don't Have to Wear a Bra | Teen Vogue

Just another piece of work, dragging on the Trump hatred thing for all it’s worth.

I never remember Fauci being #muzzled by Trump; disagreed with yes, BUTT never muzzled.

I am still up in the air about the #conspiracy #theory involving Fauci – Gates and Charlie Chan. Making it as simple as possible, as F-ed up as this world is; I would not put anything past anyone. Whatever happened to the honorable people that sat in high places??

Anthony Fauci has been wrong about everything with me … › story › todaysdebate › 2020/07/14

Jul 14, 2020 — On COVID-19, I listen with caution to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s advice, writes trade adviser Peter Navarro, an assistant to President Donald Trump.

COVID-19: ‘Dr. Fauci Was Wrong!’ – Government › emergency-blogs › disaster-zone

Jul 14, 2020 — I would agree with the statement, “Dr. Fauci has been wrong.” He has been “wrong” about a novel virus — we are still trying to figure out how it …

Gates has openly admitted he wants to implant a #GPS/microchip devise into every living human being so they can track them. WTF is between this man ears???? Gotta be an ulterior motive and not for the #sake/wellbeing of mankind.

I said from day one; Charlie Chan #deliberately planned this #horrendous scheme to #kill-off millions of people. They still will not take the responsibility for their dastardly deeds. They are blaming everyone but themselves.

What demonstrates the true character of a person?? Admitting when they are wrong and doing what it takes to correct the situation. That sure as hell leaves out the majority of society.

Posted April 28th 2020

As diabolical as this world has become; I would not put anything past anyone!!

Just think; our kids and grandchildren have to grow up in this #garbage-dump of #humanity; where even the most (#supposedly) #prestigious people cannot be trusted

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