Why now …..

Lady Gaga tweets desire for ‘day of peace for all Americans’ ahead of Biden inauguration performance

Why now after four years of #brutality leveled against an American president, why do these #hypocrites now call for peace?? What about the past four years???

One thing the #OTHERSIDE has proven, there is #strength in #unity. After the election in 2016; the OTHERSIDE swarmed on Trump like a school of #crazed #piranha #attacking other fish that happened to swim into their territory. They never let up for 4 years.

Their #antagonists attacks started out at a moderate pace, BUTT as it became POPULAR to jump on the #Hate-Trump wagon, the #unrelenting #harassments grew to a psychotic level. There was everything from death threats to fools like the bitch Madonna that was going to blow up the White House. Many of the threats could have legally resulted in prison time, but Trump graciously ignored them.

The #impeachment proceedings cost the USA multi-of-millions of dollar$; countless hours of precious time that could have been devoted to REAL problems the county has/had; instead, in the end, all they came up with was a worse headache then before and a bog of air.

I am positive that all of the rigmarole which followed would not have occurred if the witch hunts were never started. If the OTHER SIDE only gave Trump the one thing he asked for; to be treated #FAIRLY.

There would have never been a four year war between Trump and his assassins’, there would not have been an attack on the nations Capitol; plus -plus – plus. One issue lead to another and became a snowballed effect ending in total disaster for the entire country; all because some billionaire outsider took the politicians thunder/power away from them.

The snowball effect of credit card debt and how to break it – The Tao Of  Wealth

BUTT now that their pathetic choices will be in office as of today, all of a sudden the OTHER-SIDE is calling for #peace.

Is peace the answer solving many of the country’s issues?? Absolutely yes, BUTT why was that not the game plan 4 years ago?

As much as I dislike J J for good reason; at the same time, first I am a patriot. I do wish the country can come together, but I really do not see it. There are too many liberal/socialists’ issues the new guys are pushing that are not conducive to a harmonious society. Just take a look at the horrendous boarder issue. There has been mass exodus toward the boarders all because ONE OF J J commitments if he became president.

Immigration Border Crisis | NBC News

Image result for immigrants going toward the border

J J (Jokin Joe) has not even got The Big Chair warm yet and he created problems.

I wonder just how many up and coming problems is J J is going encounter that he will try to blame on Trump for. Peace you want?? I really do not see it. No country can flourish under some of the ideologies these two foster.

Gaga and her crew wants peace; they should start by setting a good example. Talk is cheap.

With our double standard society YOU SAY; what do you think the backlash would have been if some bum stooped this low as this guy by insulting J J or Car-mella??

Classy guy, HUH??? I wonder if The Taxi Driver also wants peace??

Pay attention to all the pathetic sheep in the audience that applauded this fool for his Academy Award performance.

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