If for no other reason ……

Cuccinelli: Caravan heading to US-Mexico border acting as ‘human Petri dish’

If for no other reason; this is why it is #imperative that the boarders closed. At the right time, when our own fires are put out, then and only then should there be #selective admissions.

Even more #concerning than their #poverty conditions the #aliens bring with them is the #hazardous/deadly their #health-issues .


As we witnessed with covid-19; it does not take that long for the disease spread quickly. With thousand of people infiltrating our country all at once, how the hell do we know what other baggage they carry with them.

Anyone that does not see this is a matter of #survival/life and #death is out of their mind. They definitely are not looking at the big picture, financially and physically.

How the hell can we communicate with people that refuse to evaluate situations using good old commonsense??

The handwriting is on the wall, but they do not want to see it. #Self-preservation is one of the most basic instincts a person should have, by taking care of themselves and their families first.

You do not empty your refrigerator, give all your food away while your own family starving. It just does not make sense.

Anyone with only a half a brain has to see all of the downsides to open borders. There is nothing at all logical about it.

Once these people cross the borders, they get lost in the shuffle and are very difficult true surveil. There is no reversing the situation. They are here to stay.

Are we foolish enough to think that all the people crossing the boarder at Rhode Scholar, doctor and lawyers>> In that mix have to be some of the most #degenerate/lawless people on the planet.

Is it inhumane not to recognize the plight of these people? It all depends on how the situation is evaluated. Especially at this time the United States is in no position give the farm away when thousands from their own people are starving. That is when conditions are normal, and they certainly are not, especially with the covid situation hanging over our heads.

Charity begins at home folks; better start recognizing that fact of life.

Which kid do you save if two kids are drowning and one of them is yours??? If that does not resonate with some fools, they are more ignorant than I thought.

When charity begins at home | The Standard

When the time is right and the USA’s conditions improve, then is the time to extend the olive branches.

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