Truth in advertising is non-existent …..

I just go sucked into watching a 30 minute video with some fool rambling on and on about the supplement Arthrozene.

This thing became so boring I fell asleep during the presentation.

Naturally; the sons-a-bitch would not name the product until the end of the Repetitious video was nearly completed.

They sounded so convincing in parts of the commercial I thought they may have a remedy for my aching joints. At first, I was ready to run out and buy the product to ease the pain in my beat-up body. Then sell my house and invest in the product. That a was until I looked it up And saw it was just another scam

Google’s description:

Arthrozene is a terrible joint supplement. We have no idea how it has become one of the best-selling joint and flexibility products in the US. It uses poor ingredients, we know nothing about the extract potencies, and the makers clearly know nothing about glucosamine! There are better joint supplements for sure!

These lousy hustlers that hawk (old term for selling bogus products) these worthless products should be put in jail. Like the f-ed politicians that sell us lines of bull-shit to get elected, knowing their scams are just scams, the miracle drug hustlers are cut out of the same cloth. They are all degenerate bastards. Do you want to know how I really feel??

I put Joe Namath, Tom Selleck and the rest of those hustlers that are hawking Home Equity Insurance (Reverse Mortgages) to the elderly are just as bad as the Tin Man. Tin Man is a hustler that sell inferiors or shoddy products – while doing substandard work mainly in the housing industry.

Tin Men invade areas that have been devastated by natural disasters and they hustled the shit out of the homeowners; usually the elderly that are very venerable. They take huge deposits, most of the time never show up the next day or never complete the work.

The abuse the government allows the senior citizens to be subjected to is off the charts. Whatever happened to the honesty and integrity in our government?? It is this graceful.

Years ago, because of out of control Hustlers, the authorities finally passed the law called truth in advertising. But it never was enforced properly and the law continued to be ignored and abused.

We should put the ROBO callers in the same boat as the hustlers and sink it. I must get at least 20 – 30 calls a day at home and on my cell. Best of all there is a harassment law prohibiting it. I called the useless 800# 5 times.

I am in the senior citizens column and can say I’m very lucky to have most of my marbles and do not get sucked in by charlatans. I feel sorry for the other that are less fortunate, constantly getting swindled and get beat up at every turn.

There should be a special place in hell for these bandits.

All I can say is BUYER BEWARE – know what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line.

Another one of their great hustle is; they send you free merchandise; in the small print never mention that the first bottle is free but the rest will be billed to your account monthly.

The hustlers are all snakes in the grass waiting for some unexpecting person to walk by and then they strike.

Snake in the Grass – Scene One+

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