The great American socialist giveaway has begun ….

Migrant caravan demands Biden administration ‘honors its commitments’

More than a thousand migrants moved into Guatemala on Friday.

Does anyone of the average citizens of this country have any idea who is going to be footing the tab for all the up and coming American Giveaways?? If the fools that voted for the liberal losers don’t think it will cost this entire country dearly, they are sadly mistaken.

The problem is; during election time; while the lying bastards are selling their snake oil to the fools that are voting for them; being sucked into con, they are not considering who is going to be picking up the tab for all the free-bees give away.

When our fore-fathers coined the phrase “The Land of the Free”; they did not mean the land of the giveaways. › politics › donald-trump › fact-che…

Dec 22, 2018 — “Frankly absurd,” said one immigration policy expert of Trump’s false … Illegal immigration costs the United States more than 200 Billion Dollars a year. … paying their fair share of taxes and getting their fair share of service?’

It seems to me that the socialist side of this country will never learn that charity begins at home. Once a precedence is set and the money is shuffled to the immigrants, that money wheel will never stop turning until our entire county is broke.

Believe me; if that foolish pattern is followed, it will not be too long when many more Americans are going to be dining at the city dump. I can not believe WFS these people are.

Homeless Man Eats at City Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free)  1029598274 | Shutterstock

I am curious to see how many immigrants J J and Car-mella re going to invite to their pad for an extended period.

Folks, remember what I have been preaching for years. As long as it does not affect the upper-echelon political bums; they could care less about the little guys.

Keep in mind the term Political Ponzi Scheme that I coined.

The birds on top get rich; while the birds on the bottom get shit on.

SWTF does J J give a shit about opening the boarders, he does not have to live with them.

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