The Three Stooges ……

Over the past few days, Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell, actor Sean Penn and MSNBC’s Joy Reid have all compared Trump to Usama bin Laden, indicating that liberals from different industries are in sync with their messaging. CNN host Don Lemon even tied Trump voters to neo-Nazis and members of the Klu Klux Klan. 

Does this surprise anyone??

Far-left actor Seann Penn, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell and CNN’s Don Lemon are on the same page.

Like the general who sits on of his mighty steed on top of the hill and yells; CHARGE, BUTT never leaves his comfortable position of safety; so goes fools like these Three Stooges. Sorry. Larry – Curly and Moe!!

Traveller (horse) - Wikipedia
I will watch you boys from up here.

It is very easy for someone living in the lap of #luxury and not having to roll in the mud with the #LITTLEPEOPLE to give off the wall advice.

If the Three Stooges are for real; I would like to see them empty their #bank-accounts, open the front doors of their #multi-dollar-shacks and make it an open house like they want to do with open boarders. They all have a lot of balls (at least two of them) to Roll Boulders at the other side.

There have been too many #ridiculous #ideologies to mention coming for the other side; BUTT any fool that would take the crossing gates down at the #boarders is a total, #complete-idiot.

For example as to what #hypocrites these fools are. Donny Lemonaide continuedly bad raps the white man calling them the most dangerous people on the planet; all the while being married (how disgraceful) to some honkey/white dude.

Who Is Tim Malone? CNN's Don Lemon Says He Will Marry Long-time Partner
Donny has the shades on trying to stay in cognito.

Don Lemon doubles down after calling white men ‘biggest … › 2018/10/31 › cnn-host-do…

Nov 1, 2018 — “We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men,” Don Lemon said, “and we have to start …

It never accorded to me; Lemonade’s squeeze maybe an alien from another planet and is neither black or white. Food for thought.

“The left doesn’t want the nation to heal, what they want are conservatives to be brought to heel. They think the way forward isn’t about bringing people together, but instead ostracizing, ridiculing and destroying anyone who doesn’t agree with them,” conservative strategist Chris Barron told Fox News.

Now after the election (legit or not) hypocrites like J J Jokin Joe and his President Car-mella are AXING the country to come together and heal. WTF were they for the last four years when they were lynching Trump at ever turn?? Now that their sanctimonious asses are in the top seats, they are calling for peace and harmony. GMAFB!!! The hypocrisy of politics has no boundaries.

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