Government intervention at it’s best ….

Government intervention; you can take it to the bank or bet your #sweet-little-ass, anything that the government gets involved in is nothing but a #klusterfuk.

It is been proven time after time that #privatization is the way to go when they want to EXPRESS something.

They had months to get ready to distribute the vaccine; the military was supposed to be all prepared, waiting in the wings to hits the street, all of the dead-beat in DC were in high gear or supposed to be. Government involvement is nothing but a farce and a f-in joke.

Between poor planning, not enough people to distribute it or give the shots, precious vaccine thrown away because it was not refrigerated, vaccine be in bootleg; it turned into another three ring circus thanks to you Uncle Sam it is Midnight riders.

Just hold on to your hats and bonnets. This type of government control is right up the alley of the new administration. They want to control us completely. Heaven help us.

Is it unconscionable that no one is going to take the rap for this, yet another of the gross mismanagement of the government. All the f-ed up politicians are good at are being professional FINGER POINTERS and liars. J J, their new leader is at the top of the charts in those departments.

The way humans point isn't as universal as you might think

J J has a perfect excuse for his blunders; he can’t remember where he is or what he said two minutes ago.

At the Democratic debate, Joe Biden should speak up for stutterers like me  — and like him

Tell me something, cause I am a little dense at times. When is the last time we have seen the governemnt come across in a timely manner?? Not once, except when they vote not to have their pay cut if the government shut down. That vote took all of 15 minutes.

The son-of-a-bitches are nothing short of pathetic.

Here is another one the bastards acted on quickly. They put themselves in front of the line to get THE SHOT. The scumbags wonder why there are people like me that hate them. LITFM – look in the f-in mirror. › local › 2020/12/21

Dec 21, 2020 — “It’s ridiculous that Congress is cutting in line ahead of folks in Long Term Care,” … “Congress needs to stop treating itself as a special political class, and the … willing to put themselves on the front lines in this new treatment.

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is a mess. Blame the U.S. … › health › coronavirus › covid-19-v…

Dec 28, 2020 — Why should vaccine distribution be any different? Instead of a central … Some doses are being shipped by FedEx or UPS. But Pfizer — which …

How many good people are going to die because of them being irresponsible?? Who is going to wear the jacket?? 95% of them are despicable, self-serving bastards. The other 5%, welllll…………………

It is a shame to say, all of the American people are at the mercy of these over-paid, under-work bums. The guy that really wanted to turn things around was voted out of office.

I hate to be so bold in some of my dialog; but the bums do not give me any choice. They should really know WTF I think of them.

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2 Responses to Government intervention at it’s best ….

  1. Look at what is happening with Twitter, Facebook etc…… They are saying, and we know they fully intend to continue to censor conservatives. Fact is it will go beyond that even, moderates, independents. They want to shut up anybody and everybody that does not follow them. And truth be told they’ll shut up the peon followers as well. What I am getting at, this is about pushing fast forward to total Socialist totalitarian control. Shutting up Trump was to show they can and will…….we will fall in line with our great leader, The Donald. When you are not allowed to voice your opinion, that is censorship. When I am not allowed to listen to or read what you have to say, that is censorship. There are a couple of guys from the U.K. whose videos I enjoy watching. It is getting more difficult to find them. They have been kicked off YouTube…….They have had to bounce around a bit. That is censorship. Dorsey said, suspending accounts will be around awhile. Probably a long time. They are watching what “WE” have to say, now that they believe Trump is out of their way. They want to take another step to a Socialist state by eliminating us. I am wondering how long WordPress will hold with us.

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