Daffy Donald Lemonade is a bigger fools than I thought ….

CNN’s Don Lemon ‘doesn’t get to choose his own facts’ or ‘justify violence’: Devine

The CNN host said the summer riots were justified because they were built on ‘facts’

Let me give this fool a fact of life. Demonstrations are acceptable and healthy for change, BUTT rioting is not.

Any fool that can look at the #devastation caused by the #psychos in the #riots and conclude they were #justified; needs their head examined and to be locked up where they are not a threat to anyone.

London riots 2011: 'We were getting hit all the time with missiles' - BBC  News
Detroit at Crossroads 50 Years After Riots Devastated City
As America burns, riots play into Trump's hands (opinion) - CNN

Along with Nasty Nan; Donny and Nasty had to catch someone on their knees. There is no way the two of the are deserving of their positions based on talent or ability. What other reason would these two clowns be able to maintain their positions with all of the #controversy/conflict that surrounds them??


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