#Absolutely #correctooooo.

McClintock says Capitol attack may not have happened if earlier riots had consequences

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., said Wednesday that he intends to hold the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol responsible and wondered aloud if the incident would have ever happened had lawmakers responded to this summer’s chaos in cities across the nation with the same kind of resolve. 

He is Absolutely correctooooo. Let me give a couple different scenarios so even the densest liberal minded can grasp it. If some burglar thug was going to rob your house, but he knew that you were sitting behind the door with a double barrel 12 gauge shot gun leveled head high; can we assume he would have had second thoughts??

2ndly; if your brat kids knew that there were consequences for them misbehaving, they would have second thought about getting out of line. Absolutely correctooooo.

Folks; you have heard me many times alluding to the fact; the only language out of control animals understand, is being more violent than they are. If like the burglar and the spoiled brat they know there are no consequences, what the hell is the deterrent??

The authorities in this country have to set a #precedence/set the record straight; letting #rioters know they will be dealt with in kind. Sticks for stick – fire bombs for fire bombs and bullets for bullets. Very sad to say; that is the only way to get the message across.

As McClintock alluded to; if different measures would have been taken in previous riots, the Capitol thing may have never happened.

It is like speaking Italian to a Chinese guy, they do not understand.

Speaking Italian to strangers (in China) - YouTube

There is one thing we can take to the bank; these fools are not finished rioting by a long shot. I call many of them professional rioters. They will travel anywhere and do anything to be involved a GOOD riot.


If this country’s leaders want to #salvage some of what is left, they better respond in kind or the rioting will never end. But they won’t, the are too busy setting up their vacation plans for when break time comes around.

Example: Would anyone that had the power to change living conditions like this, allow them to exist???

Column: Rats at the police station, filth on L.A. streets — scenes from the  collapse of a city that's lost control - Los Angeles Times

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