The #absent-minded #thief ….

Biden laptop will ‘shock the soul of this nation’

Hannity: I have numerous, credible sources telling me the contents of this laptop will be devastating to the Bidens and the Democrats,‘ Fox News host says

I say; if the computer does not disappear by some mysterious stroke of good luck for the Bidens, what the hell are the authorities going to do with its content??

Does any foolishly think they are going to indict The Hunter?? If they indict The Hunter, they have to indict (HIS GUY as Hunter referred to the father), then VP of the USA.

Hunter Biden emails show leveraging connections with dad to … › 2020/10/14 › hunter-biden-emails-show-l…

Oct 14, 2020 — Hunter Biden discussed leveraging his connection to his father in a bid … “my guy” while apparently referring to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Hunter was using his relationship to the V P to leverage THE BRATS position of a shakedown with his foreign connection. Many of the Biden made millions and possibly their combine take was in the billions by using J J’s position of power.

Lets face it folks. The foreign countries that they were doing business with would not have given THE BRAT the time of day if his father was not who he was. They all recognized THE BRAT was a foul-ball with a lot of issues, including being an alcoholic, a druggie and womanizer and used those weaknesses to tantalize THE BRAT.

As fate would have it, somewhere down the line Hunter had a problem with his laptop, dropped it off to get repaired. He was probably stoned when he dropped it off and soon earned the handle of the THE-ABSENT-MINDED-CROOK forgetting to pick it up.

The shop keeper was able to access the material on the computer to see who the owners was, after the pick-up time had expired and is 100% positive it was Hunter that dropped it off. What the shop owner saw was shocking – he turned it over to the authorities.

Now, tell me why, if this computer was dropped of in April of 2020 that means the authorities have had access to it and its contents for 6 – 7 months; still have not made a move to expose the contents that are certainly going to be damning to the Biden Clan. If the information contained in the computer is accurate, that certainly could have helped sink J J’s his ship in his run for the presidency.

Will an indictment ever come down as a result of this #POT-OF-GOLD?? Your guess is as good as mine. They are some powerful crooks. Hopefully justice and public sentiment will prevail.

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me, THE BOY looks dirty and a very low-life wanna-be.

Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, faces contempt hearing in court

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