Trump golf club no longer the host of future PGA Championship amid US Capitol violence fallout


This guy is taking a beating from all sides. This presidency has cost Donald Trump dearly, financially, mentally and physically. Was it worth it for him?? If asked, I would say he would do it all over again.

The predicament Trump is in at this moment is the most precarious of any president. If he is lucky, the only people that are going to go down with the ship are his closest family members.

Food for thought. Like the case of Bill Cosby. We wanted to believe in the super-star that he was innocent of the rape charges, but not one, not 10; when 50 women came up with the same story, how can you defend the man.

In Trump’s case, it seemed he had 3/4 of the world against him. Over the long haul, I would say that only 1/4 of the 3/4 were justified. His situation progressively got worse as time passed. Because of his arrogant and egotistical personality, he kept shooting himself in the foot, but did not have enough sense not to keep reloading the gun.

I am not making these observations because I dislike the man, after all is said and done I still think he is a hell of a human being who made some irrational judgments along the way.

If Trump would have only took time to digest certain issues and thought carefully before he sounds off, that in-it-self would have eliminate a lot of his problems.

The most important factor in a nut shell is; if the public and media would have treated the man with the respect the office of the president deserves, Trump would not have had such a big chip on his shoulder.

I don’t know if there is anyone on the planet more obstinate than Trump. The guy is made out of tungsten steel. That in-it-self can be as much of a detriment as it is a positive.

We have to use some common-sense in our lives knowing when to hold and when to fold. PDT does not know what the word fold means. I would say, co-operate but not concede. Lying down in the fetal position and allow everyone to kick the shit out of you is not acceptable.

This entire scenario would not be playing out if THE OTHER SIDE did not have a gigantic hard-on for him for beating CHC. This is something not most people do not want to talk about. All the man wanted was to be treated fairly. If they would have given him a fair-shake, he would not have retaliated as he did. Who can really blame him but a coward. Was he right all the time?? Hell no

The OTHER SIDE despised the man the way they did because they were afraid of him and the power he stole from them.

All I can say; Trump is a great man in his own rite who had a great vision for his country, is a patriot to the fullest extent of the word, loves his country but was pushed to the brink in most cases unjustified. Was he right to incite the demonstrators?? Hell no. Just another bad decision added to his record.

We can liken Trump to a bull in a China shop. He took office with both barrels blasting, because he wanted to do great things and possibly was over zealous. He soon learned his office did not have the power he thought it did. In the mean time created a lot of enemies.

Which one of his adversaries could have taken the punishment Trump took?? He is like one gladiator that was thrown into the arena with 50 lions and 1,000 gladiators having to fight them all at one time.

It is my absolute belief, that Donald Trump had nothing but good intentions with everything he did for the country, but had gigantic ego, too strong of a personality for the position, not knowing how to compromise, had half of the world against him and the only thing he knew was to fight back.

If Trump had used a little more diplomacy, ignored all of the relentless bastards that not only harassed him, threatened his life, his wife and kids as well, they may have runout of gas and discontinued their assault on him. MAY HAVE is a big statement.

I would not think much of the man if he did not retaliate in some fashion, but I think he took it to extremes in some cases. What he should have done and he was in his rights to do, thrown the bitch Madonna’s in prison for 10 years for threatening to burn down the Casa Bianca. That may have sent out a message and opened a few eyes.

All in all it was/is a very complex situation as we have never seen before and hopefully never see again. Nasty Nan and her crew wasted billions of dollar$ – countless hours of wasted time and only coming up with air. The old bag is still at it.

Trump’s presidency was like a roller coaster that got out of control; the further it went the more speed it picked up. The incident in the Halls of Congress was the icing on the cake, when it got completely out of control and crashed. For that Trump is paying dearly.

Was Trump so wrapped up in his revenge that he knew what would happen with the rioters but did not care?? Only he can answer that. I would say; if he had to do it all over again, he MAY have done a few things different; and then again, he may have not.

Donald James Trump is a very complex man that loves his country (maybe himself a little more) had the ability to be one of the great but it was not in the cards.

All he asked for was to be treated fairly.

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