They just have to keep playing that same old tune ….

Obama echoes Biden remarks that police response to Capitol riots would have been harsher with BLM

Would have – could have – should have … GMAFB

When are these hypocritical bleeding hearts ever going to get off that racist issue. They are not smart enough (or are they and do it purposely) to know, every time they stir the pot, they get a lot of people pissed off. No different than what Trump did with his followers at the Capitol Building.

These sons-a-bitches do not want racial harmony; they want to keep the fires raging; if not they will not have anything to bitch about and the donations will quit coming in. They incite people every time they open that fly trap.

I have to wonder; what the hell happened to that halo TMC used to wear??

BARACK OBAMA HIGHWAY: Of All People, Pabon Should Recognize a Scandal |  Colorado Peak Politics

I watched a program the other night that had the relatives of some of the black people that were killed by rogue cops. I will say as I have so many times in the past; it was heart wrenching to watch. I could feel the people pain. They are 1,000% right to feel the way they do. What has happened to the black people in the past is absolutely unacceptable. Through the years there have been 1,000’s of brutal incidents perpetuated by some bad cops.

To be clear, 99% of the cops are dedicated people that put their lives on the line everyday because they are believers in what the do. It is just too bad that a few bad apple spoiled the entire barrel.

Just How Many Cops Are ‘Bad Apples’? | The Crime › 2020/08/11 › just-how-many-cops…

Aug 11, 2020 — According to Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, the figure is over 99 percent. If we could just weed out the bad apples, the argument goes, …

But there is one issue that really troubles me. I rarely hear if ever; the powers to be in the black community will not condemn the out of control crime and criminal activity in their community. No crime – no cop intervention. No cop intervention – no mistreatment. You can not have it both ways folks.

If everyone concerned truly wants peace and harmony among the races; it has to be unanimous across the board of co-operation. You can not preach to me to behave myself while you have a gun stuck in my face.

What the black people went through in history is nearly impossible to fathom and should have never happened. We can not change history, but we can chart our own course for the future.

Personally; I believe that big money does not want peace. They are making too much money keeping everyone pissed off. If not brought under control; what we have seen in the way of riots in the past year is just the tip of the icepick and the decline of the USA.

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