The USA is supposed to be a democracy ….

Twitter bans Trump, but Iranian ayatollah, Louis Farrakhan, Chinese propagandists still active

Companies should not be allowed to pick and chose who the allow to use their service. What the hell is Twitter afraid of with Trump; he has been beating the hell out of airwaves for years?? All it amounts to is the big money controlling the system.

Do I agree with everything the man says and does?? Hell no!! Do I think he has gone nuts using twitter as a means of communication?? Hell yes, but that should not preclude Trump or anyone else from using this very dangerous form of media.

Personally; I believe that Facebook and Twitter should both be banned.

By the way; in case I didn’t tell you, we are going on vacation next week, the key is under the flower pot, feel free to rob us.


Rep. Cawthorn: Big tech censorship of conservatives sets ‘dangerous precedent’

Looks like I am not the Lone Ranger

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