I gotta call them like I see them …..

I have a new handle for PDT; it is THE BULLDOZER.

Just like so many other people, I have supported Trump from day one. There have been times I have criticized the man for some stupid things he said or did, but for the most part I supported him like so many other loyalists did.

There comes a point in time when even the staunchest supporters have to cut the cord.

In many cases Trump has used and abused a large numbers of people that believed in his cause. I said 2 years ago, the only person that could beat Trump in the election as Trump himself. His constant obsession of running his mouth – BULLDOZING and insulting people close to him is astounding.

I would not be a bit surprised if THE MISSIS gets her bonnet in short order.

Melania Trump Styles Oversized Checkered Coat with Black Knee Boots to  Return to the White House After Mar-a-Lago

www.washingtonpost.com › politics › 2019/08/20 › ex…

Aug 20, 2019 — … and tweet something insulting about someone he doesn’t like. During the 2016 campaign, there was a lot of analysis about how and if Trump …

The 598 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has …www.nytimes.com › donald-trump-twitter-insults

A detailed list of the journalists, politicians and places President Trump has insulted since declaring his candidacy.

I have to say, some of his targets deserved the insults he threw at them, but many others that were supposed to be close to him did not.

It seems to me that PDT has not matured enough to know, loyalty goes both ways. It is not a one-way street. Many of the people/advisers Trump did a number on were the cream of the crop in their profession, but that did not matter to him. He did not want advisers, he wanted puppets. In my opinion that is the reason he picked Pence as his running mate; Pence is a YES MAN. Only in this case that YES would have broken the law and Pence had enough oysters to say no. Good for him.

Way back when I made a recommendation that Trump should have installed a revolving door a the Casa Bianca to accommodate all of the people he shit canned.

By Trump asking or demanding that Pence go against the constitution is totally out of line. In essence, he was asking his VP to break the law. When Pence did not comply, Trump publicly called him a COWARD. Shameful.

I really do not know what kind of job Pence has done as V P, but I do know, even if he did not like it, he was extremely loyal to Trump. But breaking the law was one too many over the top for Pence to comply with.

It is a real shame. Trump had the ability to be one of the greatest presidents to come down the pike. But THE DONALD was/is his own worst enemy. He cost himself the election. On top of it; to encourage people to demonstrate in his behalf; he had to know what the end result would bring.

In situations like this, I always think of Pa Pa Joe Paterno. The man was a man among men- love by thousands – a superstar – did a millions things right – was a credit to humanity – was a person to be admired; BUTTTT made one mistake and that is what he will be mostly remembered for – the coverup at Penn State.

Penn State announces it has settled all claims with Joe Paterno's family |  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Joe was a great man – a great leader and a great role model

www.cnn.com › 2017/03/13 › penn-state-officials-plead-…Mar 13, 2017 — The case also ended the career of Joe Paterno, the long-time coach of Penn State’s football team, who was fired along with Spanier in 2011.

By no means am I putting the two men on the same platform, but the public has to admit, Trump accomplished many note worthy things while he was in office, but kept shooting himself in the foot.

As bad Trump is in some areas, I would STILL rather see him in THE BIG CHAIR than Car-mella and her V P.

Many times I had to wonder just how smart Trump was by some of the things he did. Or was he that spoiled and pampered, he thought he could do no wrong. All of his life, he was never said no to – always got his way and detested anyone that did not agree with him. To me, that is a recipe for disaster.

What is the old say; we all control our own destiny. How prophetic that is in Trump’s case.

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