How about throwing in room service????

Boston bomber suing government over confiscation of ballcap, limits on showers

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote that his alleged mistreatment was contributing to his “mental and physical decline”

We knew the son-of-a-bitch was on a mental decline when he and his demented brother set off the pipe bombs at the Boston marathon; so what has changed??

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Maybe the authorities can arrange to bring in a masseuse a couple times a week or get a local hooker on occasion to take care of the bombers sexual fantasies. On second thought; they probably can’t find a lady of the night that would have sex with this degenerate. After-all, they are respectable peole and have principles too.

Possibly room service is too slow and his maid is not making his rack properly. Did it ever dawn on the homicidal prick why he is in the slams?? Did he and his dead brother think they were going to get a all expense paid lifetime vacation for their dastardly deeds?? › wiki › Boston_Marathon_bombing

The explosions killed 3 civilians and injured an estimated 264 others, who were treated at 27 local hospitals. At least 14 people required amputations, with some …

For this the SOB wants to be treated with kid gloves. GMAFB

What should happen, he should be to be released into the general population so the boys could give a real feel for American hospitality.

CNN goes inside Syrian prison holding ISIS prisoners - CNN Video

Sad to say there are 1,000’s of clones like him and his brother that are scheming to do harm to the USA. Instead of our politicians putting their egos in the closet and work together to make better conditions in the USA; all they are concerned with is their own agendas.

When the leadership of any country is falling apart; it will not be long before it’s citizens follow suit.

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1 Response to How about throwing in room service????

  1. Irony is that both of those brothers had friends and somewhat fit in while they were in the US. Their mother became a part of the community too.

    Fast forward to today: All prisoners are having a difficult time. They are being shuttled around due to “Tha’ Rona”. Those are a dime a dozen lawsuits.

    I dont believe in poor treatment of prisoners. (Ask John Kiriakou). But it is a trying time all around. It is just a perfect storm.

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