Trumping it up Trump style….

I have to believe the disgraceful demonstration that took place in Washington absolutely put a bigger blemish Donald Trump’s credibility then he ever had before.

As much as I would have loved to see Trump win the election, I cannot condone the outrageous behavior and lawlessness of the demonstrators/rioters.

Order restored after a day of rioting in D.C. | 103.3 WAKG
What country do we live in??
DC protests police charge people Washington George Floyd |

I will make the same comparison to this situation that was presented the by black lives matter riots. Their original purpose may have been credible, but their violent actions were way out of line as to what is acceptable in a supposedly civilized country.

Disrespect at any level shown toward government property, government symbols is totally unacceptable. Rioting and kneeling are on top of the chart.

It is my opinion that PDT had to know what kind of end-game there would be the result of the demonstration he initiated by firing all of his followers. To that degree I have a lot less respect for the man and the cause, if that is the case.

Trumps reaction:

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” he said in a tweet that Twitter disabled from sharing “due to a risk of violence,” according a notice the company appended to the message.

Here is the Evidence of Voter Fraud from All over the US | We the People Convention |

Was the election really stolen from him?? Many people believe it was. Although I find it difficult to believe that;

1. people are so vicious and contemptable they would attempt to pull off such a monumental theft.

2. Is it possible?? I would say it is. Computers are machine made by men and men can manipulate them as they see fit.

3. There are so many factors pointing toward the fix, it sounds very probable, but has not been proven.

The thing that astounds me; not one of the people Trump appointed to judicial positions that should go to the wall for him, came out in his defense.

Were the voters fraud that wide spread that It made a difference?? Acceding to some, absolutely.

It is an absolute disgrace that we live in a country that was founded by patriots who did what was best for the citizens. Now all we have, on all side of the isle are a bunch of self-serving son-of-a-bitches that are ONLY looking out of the intere$t.

Trump is like the unpredictable roommate you had for four years in college and never got to know. He had to know well in advance what the end result of the demonstration would be, rioting, deaths’ and destruction. For that rerason, I say shame on him. The same message could have been given without rioting.

Although; there are nutcases in this country that have no cause in mind except to inflict havoc where ever they go. I will call them professionals rioters. It would not surprise me if some of the rioters were from the left, just plated there to cause problems and make Trump worse than he already does.

In the end folks; it s all about #POWER, #MONEY AND #CONTROL. The peole that beat down Trump in this election are the same ones that busted his balls for 4 years plus, just because Trump kicked CHC’s ass in the 2016 election. THE SAME SON-OF-A-BITCHES!!

Still in all; as much as I disapprove of a lot of things The Donald has pulled; this country would be better off with him at the helm instead of president Car-mella and J J (Jokin Joe).

Whatever the case my be; to people around the world, the USA looked like a savage ridden country yesterday with the demonstration that turned into riots. Its participants are as bad as the anarchists who were involved in the volatile BLM movement that caused so much destruction and death.

Demonstration are what the USA was founded on. Rioting and wars are not an acceptable way to resolve problems. If the politicians were not such greedy bastards and were willing to negotiate, multitudes of problems such as this could be eliminated.

Of track a little. When was the last war the USA won??

Now it is written in stone that Car-mella and J J won the election, as hard as that is to swallow, it is law. In my opinion, based on their track records, they will destroy this country. We have an incompetent fool as V P JJ (Jokin Joe) who has spent 47 years in politics, fucked up everything he got his hands on (especially Hillary’s ass) and now he is going to fix them.

I think I am going to get into selling horse shit business. I should make a fortune if all the fools that voted for Car-mella and J J are my customers.

All in all there is not much sunshine in the future of the USA if all the ass-holes that run the country continue to allow the lawlessness to escalate the way it has been. No civilized society can exist without law and order. Civilized being the key word.

Is it possible the election was rigged??No one ever thought the Mafia could ever fix the 1919 World Series either!!!! › notable_names › arnold-rothstein

Rothstein was indicted but never convicted of fixing the 1919 World Series

Suck it up Mr. President Trump, it is bigger than all of us. It would be nice if some of the fools in high positions you helped out or prompted, would come forward as good Americans should, step up to the plate and at least launch an investigation that would clear the slate for all parties concerned.

If I had to bet; I would take Trump’s side, but unless there is a impartial investigation was conducted, no one will ever be positive of the elections outcome.

If I had to make another wager, the USA in in for a hell of a lot rioting and demonstrations as we have never seen before.

On suggestion I tried to give PDT that I am positive would have won him the election. If he would have made a public statement to the black people as they deserve and was convincing enough, as follows:

To all the black Americans that have been abused for so many decades; I am well aware of the injustices and your unacceptable plight; you have my word as president and an American patriot, I will do everything in my power as president of the USA to reverse these atrocities. All I am will ask in return; start educating the offenders in your community to act in a more responsible manner. You have my word on it. I think that is a fair trade!!

It is very unfortunate that Trump is an island and is grossly adverse to taking advice or listen to others opinions. That one paragraph would have put PDT over the top into an insurmountable lead.

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