From Fox News – Pence ‘angry’ after Trump says he ‘didn’t have the courage’ to overturn election, Inhofe says

Pence ‘angry’ after Trump says he ‘didn’t have the courage’ to overturn election, Inhofe says

Ladies and gents; this has escalated into a very volatile situation where PDT is literally asking Pence to go against the constitution and support him. That is almost as bad as asking your best friend if he minded you got some nookie from his old lady. Pence did the right thing by refusing.

I have to think at this point, PDT has gone off of the deep end and needs to reevaluate his positions.

Chris Wallace said it very well and echoes my sentiments.

Suck it up Mr. President Trump, it is bigger than all of us. It would be nice if some of the fools in high positions you helped out or prompted, would come forward as good Americans should, step up to the plate and at least launch an investigation that would clear the slate for all parties concerned.

I have not heard anyone of legitimate authority or credibility side with PDT. The ironic possible scenario would be; how about if Trump is right??

This THING has to be done through the court system with level heads and impartiality. There is NO other way to approach it. BUTT based on how crooked the system is and how powerful the otherside is; I don’t know if anything will ever be fairly resolved.

Whoever thought the Mafia could fix the 1919 World Series.

One of my favorite mottos is; NEVER SAY NEVER. It can be construed in many different ways.

Trump has to sit back and use the judicial system to settle his case. Personally; if he has not gone nuts yet, I would love to see a reversal. That just shows how much I detest the other-side, knowing what damage they will do to this country.

Let us hope that all of the nuts cases in this country will come to their senses and start behaving in a civil manner. I doubt it. I am very tired of see the USA being made the ASSHOLE of the world.

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