Why be a hypocrite …….

White House responds to report suggesting Trump will head to Scotland before inauguration


I say; why should Trump be a hypocrite by attending anything connected with the inauguration of J J (Jokin Joe) and make believe all is well on the western front!! Not because he MAY HAVE been beat in the election; for the 4 years plus of abuse and disrespect shown to the shown to PDT and the office he represents. If one of them fools were lying in the middle of a highway after being run over by an 18 wheeler, I would drive right past them or back-up and run them over again.

Napping man shuts down highway in Houston - ABC7 San Francisco

I am positive; the assassins’ are surly going to do one more number on Trump as a going away present for not attending.

They can bad rap him all they want; but not one of them could shine Trump’s shoes as far as being a patriot. All the guy asked for was to be treated fairly!!

The mirror of a politicians life. You know what the gay guy said; the first time I did is was the hardest ……. Need I say more??

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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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