Not soon enough ….

Dana Perino predicts Pelosi will step down as House speaker in 2021 Nasty Nancy Pelosi Pro Trump MAGA 2020 Republican Meme gift  T-Shirt: Clothing

Probably doesn’t like the makeover the protesters gave her crib.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi homes  vandalized after $2K stimulus relief fails - ABC7 Chicago

When history is written, Nasty Nan has to go down as one of the most verdictive, vicious, self-centered bitches (male or female) politics has very seen. Everything this nutty women does, she takes it personal and NEVER considers the welfares of the public. N N is down right nasty and detestable.

The time for her to get her bonnet has long past. Her political parking meter has run out.

UPDATE: 1-04-2021

Yet another sad day in the history of USA political system.

Rodney Davis slams Democrats over ‘shameful’ plexiglass structure to ‘protect’ Pelosi votes

Sunday, Pelosi clinched enough votes to secure 4th term as House speaker

I said this many times before. I have no idea how many politicians Nasty Nan caught on their knees or compromising position in congress’s or senate’s men’s room.

She GOTTA have one hell of a BLACK BOOK on many of the good old boys and is holding them hostage. What other reason can it be that this Nasty women retains so much power and keeps getting the nod. Let us not forget she is THIRD IN LINE. That in-it-self is a scary thought.

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