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I have posted this many times before, but a friend sent this to me and it had a little different slant to it. Thought I would pass it on. This is a GREAT example of what our country has regressed to.

I remember way back; even if a person was divorced, they better never think of running for any public office, even a mayor or councilman. They would never get elected. The morality in the USA and most of the world has been flushed down the toilet with the rest of the tirds.

No one can convince me that society as a whole is better off now than we were in the 40’s & 50’s. I was there and had a birds eye view. In some fields like medicine or electronics, but in the morality department, fa-get-a-bout-it!!!

When back in the day did we ever hear of a parent buying birth control pills for their 12 year old daughter??


Contributed by JA

Here is a story you don’t want to miss, although you may have heard most of it already !!!

Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau, and Naomi.
In 1972, Neilia and Naomi died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife).

She has a doctorate in education and likes to be address by Dr. Biden.

He already knew her because she had been Hunter’s babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal- marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives ‘a quiet life’ and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues.

Knowing J J’s reputation, it would not surprise me if he and his babysitter were rolling in the hay way back when.

Now sadly, the sanest, most normal one of the 3 surviving kids, Beau, dies in 2015 from a brain tumor. He had been married to Haillie and they had 2 children, a boy and a girl named Natalie, who was 11 yrs old when her dad died.

Only the good die young!!

Enter Hunter Biden, in 2015, to “comfort” his brother’s widow. Mind you, Hunter is married at the time, to Kathleen Biden, since 1993. He starts screwing around with his dead brother’s wife in 2015…his wife Kathleen finds out about it and they separate. Hunter moves in with his dead brother’s wife, Haillie, and her two kids and they have a grand old time. He ultimately gets divorced from Kathleen in 2017.

I keep asking the same question. Did the kids call the PIG uncle or daddy?? Speaking of pigs, Haillie was no better. Both pigs doing cocaine at the time.

Meanwhile, he starts screwing around with a stripper, while still shacking up with his dead brother’s wife, before his divorce is finalized, and gets the stripper pregnant. Haillie kicks his nasty ass to the curb supposedly for this indiscretion in 2018. He denies the stripper’s baby is his, although a paternity test proves otherwise, and eventually marries a woman named Melissa in 2019 after knowing her for 6 days…
Does the tale end there? Why no, no it doesn’t.

The Brat must have bought all the Viagra in the town he lived in.

That just sets the stage…

Enter the laptop from hell…loaded with emails, text messages, photos, child pornography, videos, and other sordid digital images of drug use and rampant weirdness…

Naturally the bum denies he ever dropped off the computer. I can’t figure out who is a bigger liar, Hunter of his pathetic old man?? Gotta be a toss-up.

Hunter Biden dropped the laptop off in Delaware, his home state, to get it repaired. It seems he dropped it in some water while in a meth-induced state of mind. He then neglected to pay the $85.00 repair fee and the laptop became the repair shop owner’s property for non-payment.

Must have been high when he dropped the computer off and forgot when he left it.

When the owner saw what was on it, he was so disturbed that he contacted the FBI. No response. The DOJ? No response. Eventually, it landed in Rudy Giuliani’s possession and he turned it over to the Delaware State Police AFTER making 4 copies of the hard drive.

Turns out, there’s quite a lot of child pornography on there…much of it involving children on Hunter’s many trips to China.

I can tolerate a lot of misconduct; but where kids are involved, I have absolutely no tolerance. The bastard should have been jailed there and then.

The Chinese Communist Party uses this as a blackmail tactic… They supply the young girls, they film you, unknowingly, and then they can keep you “in line”, while paying you the big $$$ to do their bidding, like lucrative deals with your VP father.

The Biden family had $oldi coming in from every direction. Being the VP of the USA has great perks. J J and the family used them to the max.

Millions of dollars were paid to Hunter Biden for favors with the US Govt while Joe Biden was VP under Obama.

Denial – denial – denial from J J (Jokin Joe) and his brat kid. If lies and bull-shitting were electricity, the Biden family could power the entire country.

For 8 years Hunter made the contacts and split the money with his father, referred to as the “Big Guy” in all emails detailing how their ill-gotten gains would be split up amongst all the criminals involved.

Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth head son to do it. ..

And he has the balls to bad mouth Trump. The bum can not even shine THE MAN’S shoes.

But IT GETS WORSE. Today, on the laptop, emails were released between Beau Biden’s widow, Haillie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and more in 2018 when she and Hunter were still living together. They were casually talking about the continual “sexually inappropriate behavior” she had witnessed from Hunter toward her 14 year old daughter, Natalie, HIS NIECE!

The two pigs have no bottom.

She told Joe that she felt she had put her children in a dangerous situation by getting involved with Hunter Biden. Joe knew his son was screwing around with his niece and he advised his daughter-in-law to go to therapy…..

Hunter gave a new meaning into; ALL IN THE FAMILY!!

No one went to the police and the abuse escalated. THAT is the main reason she broke off her relationship with Hunter.

Because of J J’s status in politics, he has been getting away with metaphorical murder for years. Not to mention; TMC (AKA Bay-rock) had to know this guy history when he gave him the nod. Bet he will deny it!!

Among the pictures of Hunter having sex with young Asian children, there were hundreds of provocative pictures of a 14 year old girl, mainly topless, and hundreds more of Hunter Biden, in sexual poses with her, HIS NIECE. She was 14 yrs old and HE WAS 48!!

THE END…..but, is it?

Nope. Rudy says there is more to come, primarily involving Joe Biden getting rich off laundering foreign money through our country, using his son as an intermediary.
Biden is as dirty and crooked as they come. Hillary looks clean compared to him. Now it makes sense why Obama REFUSED to endorse him as the DNC candidate until he was the last man standing!

Sad to say, because of who J J is, I don’t think we will ever see justice served. HANDS OFF THE PRESIDENT – their families are off limits.

This story is far from being over or completely told; it just gives us a window into the Biden world. I certainly hope that someday justice is done; BUTT I doubt it.

In politics today it does not seem to matter how dirty and evil the candidates are. The fools that vote for them are either extremely stupid – gullible as a son-of-a-bitch or just DGAF.

I have said this many times. I don’t know exactly when the guillotine is going to drop and chop this entire country into shreds; but based on the current trend, it can not be too far off. No civilization can operate in a healthy – stable manner under the leadership of the USA and the conditions that exist. If you haven’t noticed, it is getting worse by the day.

Anytime a scumbag like J J can get elected to the highest office in the country; you tell me the rest of the story ……..

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